Favorite gadgets and apps for fall hiking?

Autumn will soon be upon many of us. It’s my favorite season to get out and hike, and while I enjoy the sound of nature, I always bring along my SoundCore speaker (and download plenty of music for offline listening). The PowerCore 10400 comes along for keeping my phone (and my friends’ phones) charged so I can take plenty of pictures of the fall colors. I also download offline maps to an app called “Maps 3D PRO” for iOS just in case I wonder off the trail and it has come in handy quite a few times. I sometimes record my hikes with RunKeeper (HikeKeeper?) to see how far I hiked over the course of the season.
What gadgets and apps do you like to hike with? Any pictures to share?


Not much hikers in this forum I presume, as for me I live in California and there are several beautiful places to hike, now if I had me a Anker Powerhouse I would get out and camp more with all the comforts of home. :joy:


I always hike with an Anker powercore charger. I like the Powercore 10400 as a great balance between size and weight, but have carried a 20100 when I needed more power. I went with a group to a hiker’s lodge at Mt LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountain National park. It’s a great experience, only accessible to hikers. With reservations you can stay overnight in a primitive cabin and enjoy meals that where cooked in the lodge from ingredients brought by every few days by LLama train. Anyway, I used several of my chargers to keep everyone’s phones charged up overnight as well as a half dozen GPS watches (they charged so quickly that we swapped them out after a few hours). It was great because we all use our phones for trail maps and as our main cameras, so battery life is important!

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