What is your Favorite ANKER,EUFY,ROAV,NEBULA Product and why?

lets talk about it :sunglasses:

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Robovac 11S

I use it for 2 years! The price is affordable and it’s easy to set up!
I don’t like cleaning, 11S is my life saver!


sometimes its easy to safe a life :upside_down_face: the robovac cleaner seems really a cool product for everyone who dont like cleaning :sunglasses:

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I really like all the products of Anker.
I have probably more than 15 different anker products at home and I love them all!
Some of my favourites are my Powerport 5 charger, my PowerCore+ 26800 power bank and my Soundcore Slim+ headphones.

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They are a lot of products. But Anker has good product quality and a positive image, which is why I think customers like to use these products very much

I didn’t even know that the brands were linked/same company until I joined up here so I can only comment on Anker products as I have none from the other brands yet :neutral_face:

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The manufacturer already has an interesting range of products in this area, it will certainly be possible to use or test the products of the other brands in the future. I think they will always come up with something new :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @produktpodium

Eufy - Robovac 11s.
It cleans my floors so I don’t have too!

Anker - PowerPort Atom III 2 Ports.
Chargers my tech super quick with the USB and USB-C outputs.

Soundcore - Boost 20w.
Awesome sounding wireless rechargeable speaker which can also be used to charge other devices

I don’t have a Roav or Nebula product.

So what’s yours @produktpodium?

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you have a good selection there. So far I have been using the PowerCore 5000 from Anker, which I have received from friends and so I became aware of Anker. I think there will be some different products in the future. The quality definitely convinced me

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Great stuff @produktpodium

I have plenty of products mainly Anker, PowerCore, several PowerPorts, several PowerLines, PowerDrive and the Bolder LC40 torch.
From Eufy I have the C1 scales, 11s Robovac and Lumi 1st gen.
From Soundcore, Boost 20w, Life Q20 wireless headphones and Wakey.

I’m with most users here who seem to have a “collection” of Anker products.
As you say, quality, value for money and also the great support is important and what keeps most of us loyal.

Keep us updated as you add other products to your collection :+1:t2:

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I am very interested in the C1 scales, 11s Robovac. I will definitely report as soon as new articles from ANKER, EUFY, ROAV, NEBULA will be added :sunglasses:

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I can personally recommend both of those.
I’ve reviewed them too if you’re interested;

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Both are great products for testing and a great win. The name is funny. the reviews are very well done and the photos are very high quality. I personally look forward to the first test products and look forward to further reviews by you and all the others here in the community :upside_down_face:

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Hey @produktpodium
Thanks for that mate. I’m sure you’ll get picked for a testing event soon.
Did you enter to test the conference unit?
Keep your eyes peeled, they come around quite regularly.

Lol, You are the collector of anker!

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Maybe :upside_down_face: I like the products of Anker and for real … the quality is really good. i tested many products and brands in my life but Anker is stil one of my favorites :sunglasses: