Favorite Anker Brand?

Now that Anker is starting to focus on charging only, a lot of “sister” brands have been popping up. I figured I’d ask which one excites you the most.

Here are the choices: Anker, Eufy, Roav, Nebula, Zolo, and Karapax.

Personally, I’m most interested in Eufy. Smart home devices seem to be a very hot theme in the tech world right now, and I’m definitely on that hype train. With that being said, the few things I really want from Eufy just aren’t happening. For example, I desperately want them to bring the Robovac 20 back so customers have an option to get a better model if they want to without having to switch to another brand.

Regardless of what I think, I want to hear from you! Which Anker brand is your favorite? Which have you bought more stuff from? Let me know!


I still dont understand the “sister brand” though. is this a separate company from anker? subsidiaries? or just different marketing brand under the same hood with anker? btw im planning to buy smartscale from eufy:D


I’m on the Smart Home train too. I’ve just ordered the Eufy Smart Scale and should be here in the next few days :grinning:

I’ve got a few Philips Hue colour ambiance light bulbs which are fantastic, the Robovac 11 (we call him Jack) and the Nest Thermostat too so slowly building up my stock hehe.

Would love to see some more great smart devices from Eufy


Im pretty excited for the Zolo Earphones, all the features they said it will have sounds beyond promising

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Did you join the Kickstarter campaign?

I didnt have money at the time so i couldnt :frowning:

I love Anker and have bought a ton of things from them…I am interested as well in getting into the smart home tech hopefully eufy can get some smart bulbs out id want to use my echo dot a bit more often lol

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I am interested in Karapax, I’m always looking for a good case and these seem promising. Now, I just need to get a new phone to utilize one, haha my old Motorola isn’t gonna cut it

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Thanks your question, it’s just our different marketing brand under the same hood with Anker.:grin:

anker is my faforized brand …

However, I have synonymous already the Roav Dash Cam in the employment and am very pleased …

from Eufy I could use so far nix but am on the superior the HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum to buy … a test is so far not possible in Germany :slight_smile:

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I think with the other brands I will not think directly to anker.

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The nebula brand is pretty impressive. I really like the fact that they have partnered with JBL for the nebula projector.


Anker being the first I really enjoyed from customer support and quality of products. And then finding out that they got into the dashcam market under Roav made it my favorite. I have yet to buy a dashcam but knowing Anker it would be way better than the ones I currently own.

I’m not fully into smart home stuff but eufys products have caught my eye, mostly the Alexa competitor. But I have yet to put my toe in those waters.


Love anker itself, and also anxiously waiting for arrival of zolo earphones, have any idea ?? Where to buy these now? Since Kickstart compaign ended, I was searching where to buy.

They should be available to purchase around the end of October or November.

i have been on Anker since day 1.Eufy and smart things seem interesting though.


More new cases from Karapax will be released soon! Please stay tuned!:grin:

Where are you live my friend?:grin:

It will always be Anker lol