Faulty charging case zolo liberty+

My charging case only has two lights on while charged for over 18 hours. It never blinks & never reaches 3 lights. I don’t think it works like it should. It doesn’t seem to charge my earphones without a cable plugged in.

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Hi @Waikit_Choi,
Sorry to hear the case isn’t charging properly. Please try a different charging cable and charger to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, feel free to reach out to service@zoloaudio.com with your order information for further assistance. Thanks!

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@TechnicallyWell Thanks for your response, much appreciate it. @Waikit_Choi I am afraid the third light on the charging case is defective, could you please contact service@zoloaudio.com with your serial number and order number? We will cover an 18-month warranty regarding any quality issue related. Thanks.

I too have this issue and will email service@zoloaudio.com It would be great if a “potential problems” email went out. I think my left earbud has a drop connection issue too.