Father's day in Germany (Ascencion Day)

Today (Ascension Day) is a holiday and “Father’s Day” celebrated.
Not so famous as the Mother’s day.
But why not, “gender equality” :rofl:

And I dont know if this is celebrated in other countries as well.

This year difficult to celebrate with all those rules of distance
and number of people allowed in a group.

Normally a group of “father’s” ( mostly young non fathers :rofl: )
are walking around with a carriage loaded up with beer and food having party and fun.

This would be an excellent use of ANKER’s pb, speakers etc.



Fathers day is mid-late June in the UK (21st I think this year :thinking:)…certainly will be different with lockdown which will be more like a lock in for many :grin: :beers:

Prost on your Ascension Day Franz :beers:


Thank you Neil.
I will not stroll around, there is no need.:grinning:

Nice weather, so sunshine in my little garden.
A good meal and a “light” Weißbier, I dont need more. :wink:

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As @ndalby says, 21st June this year in the UK.
Very uninteresting fact, in 1975 Fathers a Day was Sunday 15th June - the day I was born.
That was a Fathers Day present dad will never forget!
He probably still had nightmares about it :rofl:

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Here is a virtual present to my friends Paul and Neil from UK!
Enjoy the day!

There is more in the basement when the buddies from US/CA show up! :rofl:

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Here in the US we celebrate it June 21 as well


Just me thinking, why do we need a special day :thinking:

like an excuse for a cup of beer? :rofl::rofl:

Speaking of Mother’s day, a little heads-up here.
There is another DE eufy campaign coming. Similar to the one we did for Mother’s day :rofl::rofl:
I’m excited about it already. Wonder how @Chiquinho will do this time. I’m sure you’ll do great on this one too as we’ve got everyone here ready to vote :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Of course"old Willy" and I I will take part, I have heard about that campaign.
We are both well preparded.
“Old Willy” will celebrate his second birthday soon.

So he is very, very excited.
This time he wants to be “The Champion”.
Our coaches and the famous “old Willy’s” support team will be in the game.


@Chiquinho @AnkerOfficial
What would you both like for Fathers Day?
Make it as extravagant as you like!

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I am a simple, undemanding person.

Good , beer delicious meal.
(Fresh Fish. Hope there will be a chance to get to the “islands” (Acores) this summer.)
And Health of course, but this can not be donated by someone on earth, only by Our Lord!

Old Willy would like to meet Mary from UK, I am sure! :rofl:

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Well let’s see what comes of it.
If you ever come to the UK drop me a message and we can do our best to meet up.
Ill be in the train station holding yesterdays paper with a red rose in my lapel. :+1:t2:

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Rose??? Paul, we will not have such a kind of intimate “rendezvous” :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I expect you roaring “Prosit” with a beer!
(And I will bring “Old Willy” leashed, like a little dog)

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Ok, ok, ill great you with a good craft beer.

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