Father's day hopes?

Fathers with children under 10: What are you hoping your kid(s) will make for you? My son made a poster that has a picture of him and a caption with words contributed by his classmates describing fathers in his class. His word for me was “cool”. I’m not sure how long I can stay cool in his eyes lol


Sounds fabulous

My 9yr old drew all my favourite things on the envelope to her card. Chocolate, football, music, my girls, treadmill and others lol

Kids are so sweet x

Happy Fathers Day


Happy father’s day to all the dads.
We spent the day at the lake yesterday and I had a coworker ring his kids along and join us. It was a fun filled day, and today we are just relaxing at home and possibly chilling in the pool.
My son told mom that he wanted to order something for me, but that’s between them. A bit late, but that’s alright and I don’t mind.


We went to a cultural festival yesterday. He got to crawl into a giant inflatable ball, jump on the bouncy houses, watched the shows, eat food, drink lemonade, soak his head under a farm style water pump and we got turbines put on our heads :slight_smile:

As my son just completed 2 months today, I can say, however cliche it might be, that he’s my greatest father’s day gift :blush:

I do hope to be called cool someday, though I better not keep my hopes up too much… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not having g a dad, I can’t say
Not having g any children, I couldn’t say

However, I have observed n learned.

Rules for a good dad/father

Have fun
Be there
Be consistent
Be respectful of what the kids say
Go to events
Teach them how to… respect n work hard n play

Don’t tease
Don’t break promises
Don’t keep changing your mind
Don’t say no no no no no, then give in

This is everything i missed out on, but saw in others who had happy families.

I ain’t saying it’s the only way, it’s just things I’ve observed over many years n many families.