Fastest charging smartphone

Has anyone seen the unbox therapy video of the fastest charging smartphone which uses a 65watt charger??

If not here’s the link…

What do you think?
I must admit I loved how quickly it was able to charge up and can’t wait for others to follow suit.


Watched it last night and it’s some pretty impressive tech. Watching the battery percentage shoot up like that on the screen was fascinating to see.

These smaller companies are always coming up with great new tech for phones. :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Holy smoke!
I wonder what the fast charge range is 0-50% or higher. Not sure if he mentioned it, I watched at work but couldn’t listen.

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The problem is the heat generated and battery degradation when charged as such speeds. If the battery could be replaced I’m all for it, but if it’s just meant to be used until it cant stay charged anymore then I’m not with it.


I though fast charging Lithium-Ion with a correct charger wasn’t an issue anymore, or have I been listening to the wrong people down the pub? :beers:

Suppose the only issue with removable batteries would be potentially lower ipx ratings.

Although I’m sure Samsung had one a few years ago like the S5 or S6 that had a removal battery and pretty decent ipx rating

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I still have a S5 at work.
It fits into a case which also replaces the original back.
The battery is bulging a bit now though :flushed:

One thing to note with the mega fast charging. Is that its semi ‘cheating’ to do it

The only way you can get that is to have TWO SEPARATE batteries inside. So functionally its bypassing the thermal issues of the battery by charging 2 different batteries in parallel. So they havne’t so much invented some new technology that others haven’t figured out.

The issues there is that most OEMs dont wanna bother with complexities as well as the space wasted from having 2 separate batteries in their phones. So don’t really expect this to take off too much