Fastest charging combinations for iPhone XR?

Someone I know has a new iPhone XR, and I’m putting together the list of charging tech for it.

Based on searching here, seems this fastest charging is 7.5W and a 10W input to the pad is the fastest? So any wireless pad at least 7.5W will do? I see mention of QC 18W to get 15W but does not apply to iphone XR?

I see it supports 18W PD, so an Anker 18W PD with C to Lightning cable is the fastest charge?

I already own plenty of 18W PD chargers, so it’s only C to Lightning and wireless pads to get.

I’m thinking of 18W PD car charger (3ft C to Lightning + 18W duo) as that’s typically the most power intensive drain, one pad for their regular place of sitiing down, and stick to A to Lightning 10W for bedside to keep thermals to minimum for battery longevity. Anything wrong with that?

@Insider - true?


They make a mini PIQ3 18w charger designed to work for the iPhones. That with a USB-C to lighting cable works well. I have a similar setup, except I have the 30w variant (won it in a giveaway).

On another thread Josh recommended the PowerWave Alloy Pad for the XR, so I assume that’s the best option. I’m pretty sure iPhone XR only wireless charged up to 7.5w


Yes, @professor. PowerWave Alloy Pad is one of the few wireless chargers that can provide fast charging for iPhone with a Power Delivery wall charger. Most require QC or a proprietary adapter.

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But that is still 7.5W to the iPhone XR? How is that any better giving it 18W PD? It’s the only Qi device in my purview.

Looking for different reasons. Cost being one. Does this have better… cooling…?

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He loves the shape and design of a different wireless charger. Read a little closer

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As @TechMan noted, I was referring to PowerWave+ Base Pad in that comment.

@professor, Anker still does not offer many wireless chargers with USB-C input. I am not sure whether or not this matters to you, but it does to me.

If I were you, I would be waiting for the inevitable discount of PowerWave Alloy Pad to $24 or so sometime within the next month.

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To be clear, that wireless charger will work with this charger?

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From what I understand, yes.

I did not read any other replies before writing this, just FYI. I own an XR and almost every method/way of charging it there is. From my experience, Anker’s C-lightning, from any (Anker) PD charger with at least 45W total (30 to C 15 to A) is by far the fastest way that my phone charges, I have an app that shows you charging details. That being said I am using the 10000 Hybrid I got from the Power User Program recently just like a wireless charger, that charges my phone super slow. I don’t use wireless chargers often because I usually like to able to use my phone while it is charging and I have a Ring Holder on the case so that interferes but will test it’s charge if you want on a PowerWave 10W…My advice, Anker lightning -C and any C output charger with at least 30w dedicated. Like @TechMan I also won a 30w wall charger from Anker, which is why I said 30w, but if you are going to buy one that is going to be used to charge other things as well I would think about the 30 over the 18. I’m not the guy to talk to about wireless charging as I stated and I generally do not recommend wireless charging if someone is looking for speed

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Funny you mention that. They have one for sure, I am reviewing it now from the Power User Program (which the page for is still broken @Insider lol) It has 2 A in/outputs and a C input and charges wirelessly, slowly, but it works!

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How did you get a product through the Power User program?

I’m not saying there aren’t any with USB-C input. There are definitely a few, but most are still microUSB/proprietary.

That is a wireless charging power bank, very different type of product.


But no evidence that more than a 9V 2A C to Lightning works?

Does iPhone XR use 15V?

So, for the first time in forever there were 3/4 items on the PU page like about a month ago, maybe a little more I can check the exact date, I remember it took a while to be processed/delivered because it coincided with the US outbreak of Covid. Now the page is broken and I do not want to get penalized for not submitting my review links.

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Could you be more…uh, ask that question as if I was stupid lol. I don’t know what u r getting at?

this may help answer. Two tests were done on my phone with the stuff I recommended.

Please share more.

How are you measuring every part.I only see mA, Watt, but not Volts.

Could be my error, expand so I find my error.

I have an app that measures it. Yea, I am not seeing a Volt read out in the app. What are you trying to figure out? Please sign-up on my website Bandit Reviews if you don’t mind. That goes for @TechMan and @Insider as well. It’s messy still, but my first official reviews will be posted in the next couple days. If you guys want to share a review you have done recently on there that would be awesome!

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An App?

I am not saying you are wrong, but my ask for evidence remains high.

I paid app yes, called Amperage. What is the point of this again? lol Volts? My suggestion is from personal experience, I just think if you’re gonna spring for a wall charger for C, might as well get one with A as well, you will eventually use it. Just watch the actual output of the C. The cable is a no-brainer.

I got the Anker Powerline 6ft C to Lightning cable, and tested with a C meter.

A regular A to Lightning gives 5V 1.7A. A C to Lightning gives initially 5V 1.7A then a few seconds later goes to 9V 1.6A, with the phone bleeping twice, unless the phone is >80% charged then plugged in stays at 5V. I nosed around to see if any kind for “fast charge” notification, or battery icon difference, or in settings-battery, I could not find any way to know. But at least I tested.

Exact same if in 18W, 30W, 45W or 60W charger.

So those are the facts I gleaned so far.

The weirdness of Anker’s discounts meant the lowest cost cable when ordered was £12 for 6ft. I’m seeking another 6ft, a 3ft, and two pads, waiting on those to discount. In theory a 3ft cable may be a little faster but seeing as the iPhone XR is throttling away from 2A offered, I doubt a performance in this phone’s context.

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