Faster wireless charging standards

It seems that fast wireless charging standards are becoming the norm with every new phone release manufacturers are pushing the limits and bounds if this technology. And with the recent addition of Apple finally adopting Qi charging standards it is becoming more main stream.
Now Apple may find themselves falling behind once again and be late to the party, in reference Android had adopted Qi years ago, but Apple still limits their “Fast” wireless charging to just 7.5w.
Rumor has it that Samsung smartphone 15w charging will become history – apparently referring to the wireless Quick Charge 2.0 technology used on the latest Samsung handsets.
The latest version of the Qualcomm tech that Samsung adapts for its own wireless charging purposes can now run at a maximum of 27w and Samsung may indeed include this going forward with their phones.

This would mean that their wireless charging capability will exceed it’s current plug in input. And thus encourage more users to switch to this form of charging. If that happens we may eventually see handsets without any plug inputs as it will all be wireless.

What are your thoughts and take in this possible new fast wireless charging standard? Do you think phones will eventually be plug/cord free?


I do definitely enjoy wireless charging! My only concern would be the additional heat generated from faster charging and its impact on the battery longevity.


And extra RF radiation​:scream::joy:

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I remember many many years ago, tomorrow’s world, did a program on wireless technology, where it was truly wireless… IE no wires to the base!

The electricity would come from the walls!

What the limits would be and how safe it would be, I have no idea.

They already have true wireless charging capabilities, but the problem lies in how fast or efficient it is. And then comes the problematic nature of free floating electricity 7

I think we’re headed in a direction where the manufacturers will be ditching cables completely. I still use my computer (iTunes) to store & organize my music in playlists. When Apples pushes through an iOS update, I use my laptop & iTunes to update my phone. If they get rid of the cable, then it would throw off how I use my phone and listen to music with it.

I was skeptical of wireless charging at first (why place my phone on a pad or stand that is plugged in to the wall when I can just plug my phone directly in to that brick?), but after using a PowerWave pad for however many months it’s been, I’m sold. And when I need a fast charge during the day, I just use a good PowerLine cable and the QC3 brick that came with the wireless pad to give me the extra juice I need.

TL;DR: for how I use my phone–wireless charging is great, 15W and above fast charging isn’t all that necessary, and I sure hope they don’t ditch the cables completely some day.

Heat from wireless charging?

@nigelhealy I’d be willing to bet that the brick that comes with that pad will charge my iPhone faster than the hunk of junk Apple includes in their boxes.

Mark, the hunk of junk from Apple at least has a label so you see the spec. Without forums to sanity-check its nightmare to know what will work.

I absolutely hate wireless chargers, unless you are only using it for like overnight charging, when you are not moving your phone. Other then that, unless they come out with nikola tesla-style wireless, aka not having to make contact with a surface (because to me, that isn’t wireless charging), I’m not interested. It really is a shame that Tesla was killed before finishing his research. Hmmm I wonder why they did not want him to invent actual wireless electricity…Money, duh lol

Do a search, there already is true wireless charging

ok they do, in Early stages, but the range is crap! Imagine if Tesla would have been able to continue his reasearch, where we would be right now with this tech is unfathomable. Not to mention the ~500 of the dark ages in which no science was done. We would be 500 yrs in the future as far as, well everything goes!

But @Mark_Dunsmore has a good point, other than for charging, cables are useful. I mean why go through the trouble of creating C if they were going to phase out cables all together…

You have two aspects of this universe which fight us here.

You live in a 3-dimensional spatial universe, where electromagnetic force has to drop off by the square of the distance, so that for any electromagnetic force it is much less powerful further away. Gravity is similar and why Pluto can move 1/6th the speed of Earth as its further from the Sun.

All that happened over time is the ability to turn on / off electricity in a wire has speeded up meaning the rate of change of flux has increased so electromagnetic induction can be more efficient. While the efficiency of electromagnetic induction can be improved via faster switching electronics, the inverse-square problem will remain, so long as you plan on remaining within this universe.

Not true. The induction coils in the Qi base and the coil in your phone are not themselves touching, they are separated by the packaging of the charger and the phone’s case. As explained already the induction drops off significantly with distance so you’d want the two surfaces to touch and a simple way to do that is just gravity, the phone resting on the base or propped up so you can see the screen a little better (and I think helps conduct heat away I suspect).

As to ways to improve this, well these come to mind:

  • simply let Moore’s Law happen, it produces faster switching electronics, this causes the above video on/off switch to happen faster so causing a faster alternating magnetic field which causes greater induction.

  • thinner packacing. But then you risk your phone snapping.

Stop using induction altogether. Use directed beams. Well here you have a totally different set of problems, to make a beam get absorbed you’d either have to direct it through empty space and it gets absorbed by anything in the path, or you must have some kind of smart intelligence watching and turn it on and moving it around. Sounds expensive.

The other issue is to get energy density up you could use very high energy electromagnetic or use high energy particles, well here the issue is damage to human skill cells.

Or… we keep with good old wires!

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well, check this out. wireless charging from anker can help your battery.

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Wow that was just interesting to read, what I was saying was that True wireless is, obviously possible, Telsa did it first. What I do not like is when my phone NEEDS to charge but I also need to use it. The standard method of “wireless” charging would have me hold the charging pad, that is plugged into an outlet with probably the same type of cord my phone would use, while I am trying to use my phone. Picturing that in my head right now is cracking me up. So yea @nigelhealy I really do like your post, it’s intelligent and shows that you understand what you are talking about, also that’s why I have a 6’ version of every type i.e iPhone, Micro, C etc. Charging cable, because they are just more practical. Also, thanks largely to you guys aka the community and #Anker I was able to make smart purchases and get top quality cables, external batteries and wall chargers that charge things incredibly fast! Seriously tho, I’d vote for that as post of the year (if there was such a thing)

You want to use your phone and charge it… Get on Disney researchers to make This more main stream

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I’d like wireless charging back, I last had it on a Nexus 5 phone from about 4 years ago.

So the problem for me is avoided via:

  • plug in phone when not in use. I have OnePlus with DASH charging so it recharges fast.
  • I have Powercore for any lengthy period of time away from wall socket with DASH. I use mine proactively so when sat down I plug mine in so I don’t ever find myself needing to both use the phone in my hand and moving and recharging at the same time. Over years I got the Mini, Slim 5000, 10000 … and cables from 6 inch to 6 feet so I’m rarely in a problem.
  • make use of smartwatch, I can glance at it so don’t have to look at the phone as much. It presents its own problems, that it doesn’t last that much on battery either. Grrrr.

Directional energy, well I see all the reasons it is impractical, it will either give a feebly useless energy, or be lethal.

Future: Hey buddy can you recharge my phone wirelessly fast for me?

I think the idea of a phone will reduce eventually anyway, the idea of a single device with a screen you look at… will slowly pivot to head-up displays and voice commands and eventually we’d internalise them anyway.

The idea of making light on a screen of which a tiny fraction of its energy goes to your eyes (light is inverse square too) and making sound of which it shakes air to shake your eardrum, and then we humans make energy inside from food… so why have an external device be so inefficient anyway…

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OMG I have been telling people that for years, minus the wireless part. Don’t just leave any electronic with Lithium Ion batteries plugged in forever, yes that includes your computer/laptop and everything else that you can recharge lol

First off, MARS ATTACKS!!! I hate Gifs, but that one I could watch all day…Anyway, Yes I basically have the same solutions, always have my Powercore10000 with me, that’ll recharge my 8 about 4 times, and I have a Mophie (because anker doesn’t make one…) charging case for my phone which will only about give it a full charge, but in desperate times it has saved me. I as well have 3’ & 6’ cables, the 3 are usully for on the go and 6 usually stay where they are in my bedroom. I constantly have BT on because I have several Tiles and I’m almost always routing the sound to my SC Vortexs, so in order to combat that power drain I dive deep into what settings I can change on my iPhone and turn off most of that background location tracking and analytics data BS as well as keeping the screen at about 40% brightness. As far as the future of “Phones”, I’m extremely interested to see which direction they will go. Will it be like a watch/wristsband that displays a HUD or will we internalize some sort of device. Personally I like tech I can put down/turn off when I want so putting a chip or whatever inside of myself is not something I think I’d be comfortable with.

Wow dude that is soooo cool…and in the video what name do you hear within the first 5 seconds, Tesla. A “conspiracy” I never really looked into until wireless charging first came out, but one that makes you wonder…Anyways, I’m postng that everywhere I possibly can, HA Disney of all companies.