Fast charging wall charger and fast charging powerbank for IPhone 11 pro

We have iphone 11 pro. We are looking for a 2 ports fast wall charger for 11 Pro phone and a powerbank charger that has at least 2 ports which are fast charger ports for Iphone 11 Pro.

Any recommendations will be appreciated thanks.

Wall charger:

Power bank. Something like:

The power bank only has one USB-C PD port for high speed charging (22.5W). This should give you about 50% charge in ~30 minutes; 80% charge in ~1 hour.
The other port is USB-A which is not high speed but it is 2A (10W). This should give you about 50% charge in ~45 minutes; 80% charge in around 1 hour 15 minutes.

I am not aware of Anker power banks that have 2 PD ports. If there is one, then maybe someone else can give you a link to that.

Also, obviously, you’ll need two of these (one for each of your iPhones):[3-ft-apple-mfi-certified]/A8652011

Someone said to me that PowerPort Atom PD 2 is too strong “overkill” to charge my 2 iphone 11 pro at same time cos it is too strong.

true? NOT SAFE?

Also will this powerport atom pd 2 charge amazon fire hd tablet?

we carry our iphone 11 pro and son’s amazon fire kids tablet when we travel.


Atom PD 2 will not harm your iPhone 11. It is capable of 60W maximum, or 30W per port, but It will charge your iPhone 11 at around 18W.

Charging the Fire kids tablet is tricky since most use Micro-USB (exception is the latest Fire HD 10 Kids Edition with USB-C). You could get a USB-C to Micro-USB cable (or a USB-C to USB-C cable with a USB-C to Micro-USB adapter). Might be better to get a different wall charger. Maybe one of these:


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It’s safe :+1:

Thanks. I did buy the PowerPort Atom PD 2 as it was on sale. I already have the powerport speed 4 wall charge and have been using it for months.

The powerbank has no deal so I will wait or shop around for better deals.

Do they make three ports on powerbank like 1 usb-c PD port for iphone 11 pro & two regular ports?
If Not, I will wait for a deal two ports, usbc-pd port and regular port powerbank that is 150000 or 20000 mAh. Want enough power but not super heavy and bulky. Thanks

Plenty of Powercore options, many 15000 to 20000 have 3 ports.

Size is pretty much purely a function of capacity so 20000 bigger than 15000. Cost is mostly proportional to speed.

So do you have a budget mind?

the bigger the battery capacity, the heaver it is?

I will wait or shop around for for a good deal on a powerbank that has at least one usb pd port and 1 or two regular ports.

Currently I don’t see deals here.


Yes weight is dominated by how much Lithium there is inside so it is purely a capacity decision, which drives the size.

You get what you pay for. Cost doesn’t really go up with number of ports or type of ports, it goes up with Wattage. So if you’re cost sensitive you need to think and know what Wattage you need. Wattage out is time til phone recharged, Wattage in is time for the Powercore to recharge.

The physically smallest with two working ports, 18W in and 28W out is the Powercore 10000 PD.

will wait for anker powerbank deals on amazon.

Which country you in?

Plenty of post in here:

But its usually USA, Canada, UK, Germany, which tend to get the discount postings.

When you factor weight and cost, it makes little sense to seek a larger two port PD out portable charger as they work out either slower to recharge or more expensive. For phones, buy two 10000 versions means they can used at the same time or not. Two 10000 PD work in UK for about £40-£50 but a 20000 PD which can recharge as fast is nearer to £70.

Also you kind of can tolerate in real world not having two PD out ports as once a phone gets to 85% charged it slows it Wattage input, so put the most empty phone in the PD port and least needed one in non-PD port.

The 10000 PD, not the Redux version, not the Slim version, has 10W + 18W out. Carry one of them and connect the most empty phone to the 18W C port and the other phone to 10W port. A 10000 will recharge two phones from empty til full so get you through all day. If you need more, buy two. A dual 18W output charger recharges them in < 4 hours. To do that with one 20000 works out a lot more expensive and is less flexible as 20000 is so heavy you tend to less often carry it.

Right now carry actually the non-PD 6700 II as its physically small as my EDC. If I’m taking my tablet I instead take my 10000 PD Slim as it easier to carry with the battery connected.

The need for PD in portable chargers isn’t a real need, as by definition you have it with you all the time so just connect it for longer. Those who say they are budget focused and want PD in a portable charger are internally contradictory. Where PD makes sense is in the larger portable chargers as they then recharge fast.

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I am in US

Emphasis added. :+1:t2:

Maybe not a NEED, but definitely a WANT for many people. I wasn’t always pro-PD but having used it for the past few months, I definitely want it in all my power banks now. Phones are so much easier to use when not plugged in, especially playing games, so I want to unplug as quickly as possible if I’m actively using the phone.

I have had 18W PD Powercore for about 8 months now. I own the 10000 PD, 10000 PD Slim, 20000 PD Essential. I gifted away all my non-PD Powercore. Where the 18W PD makes the greatest need is for my larger tablet as much less than 18W the tablet still discharges.

If you’re not in a hurry then 10000 PD in UK gets to a low of about £23.

The detail a noob needs to be aware of is the 1000PD Slim, 10000 PD Reduce, 20000 PD Essential are 18W when using its PD port but is lower, 15W total if using two ports. So actually two 10000 PD / Slim / Redux works out better than one 20000 PD because of that.

I am in US and so will buy when it comes on sale. I have the option of 19k 20k or 10k PD power banks you guys mentioned.

How many times the 10K mAh PD powerbank cna charge an iphone 11 pro in full? two times in full charge?

Use a 2/3rds rule and divide the mAh.

So you mentioned for example the iPhone 11 pro, it has a 3046mAh battery. So using the 2/3rds rule, 10000 / 3046 * 2 / 3 = 2.18 , so you’d get just over two full recharges to an iPhone 11 pro from a 10000 mAh Powercore.

This 2/3rds rule is across all brands and products, it is related to the difference in voltages, battery losses and energy losses in moving energy around and is not a sign of a bad product. Also aim for a good quality cable and prefer shorter cables as power loss in the connector and length of cable can add up. For example I have a 6ft cable which loses 40% more energy than a 1ft cable. I tend to use a longer cable to the wall charger and a short cable from Powercore to device as the latter I care more about efficiency.

So for phones, 10000 mAh is a good size, as can recharge two phones fully or one phone twice fully, and usually sufficient for most people.

The most critical thing to understand when connected two ports is what is the combined and per port output. In some case the output using two ports is in total less than using one port. Be extremely careful on attention to detail on that topic, it is often subtle and not obvious. But as a general rule, you get what you pay for.

In the USA theses are your options:

  • Powercore 10000 PD. This is 18W in and 18+10 = 28W out. So you’d connect 1 device to the 18W port, 2nd device to 10W port, placing the most empty device in 18W.
  • Powercore 10000 PD Redux. This is either use the PD port for 18W, or the non-PD for 12W, but if you use both ports the combined is 18W. So observe the above is total 28W, this is total 18W.
  • Powercore 10000 PD Slim. This is 18W PD, 12W non-PD total 18W.
  • Powercore 20000 PD Essential. 18W in either port, but observe if you use both ports it drops to total 15W. Insane! So this is not really one you’d want if using both ports, if you really want to use both ports then go with the 10000 PD as both ports is 28W.

You said an Iphone 11 Pro and a Fire tablet. So recommend buying two 10000 products, whichever is cheaper. Then plug one into phone, one into tablet. The Fire would connect to the Type A non-PD port, the phone into PD port. So you get two ports via buying two 10000 and so the both-ports needs vanish and you can buy the lowest cost of 10000 PD, Redux, Slim. If you bought the 20000 then its 15W when using both ports would be a problem in some situations.

I own the 10000 PD, Slim and the 20000. What I did to get around the insane 15W both ports is I plug in my power-hungry device in the PD port until it is charged, or near charged, then plug in to the A port as I don’t need much Wattage once charged.

of all the powercore PDs , which one newest & best for charging iphone 11 pro and regular device that uses the regular port? You mentioned one 20000 PD & few 10000 PDs. thanks

Depends on you sequence of using them. If you are charging one thing at a time, any of them. If charging two things at same time then either buy the 10000 PD (28W total ) or two of any of the 10000 (36W total).

Newer is not necessarily better and no such thing as best, just best fit for purpose.

Prices vary so that will decide it for you. If you want to charge two things at once, and want 20000mAh then buy two 1000 whichever is lowest of the 10000 PD, Slim, Redux. It’s usually the Redux I think averages lowest cost but check pricing.

The bottom line is whenever I shop for a powerbank PD charger, I have to make sure the PD port charges 18w or more for iphone 11? It should say 18W or more? The higher the better and safer for future Iphones? What about the other port that is not the PD port? some say 10w, some 12w. The higher the better? That port is to charge devices that uses USB cables like android phone or tablets right? Some powerbank PD shows 60w total.