Fast charging on iPhone 8, 8+ and X

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Today, Gizmodo released a quick review on the fast charging of the new iPhones. In their tests, they used the Apple power bricks, and also an Anker PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C Port, mentioning it is way cheaper than Apple’s own brick, giving the same results. You can read the whole think with detailes results here: We Tested iPhone Fast-Charging and You Should Definitely Upgrade Your Charger

Anker’s charger kind of stands out in the picture, right? :smirk:

Well, as they mention right in the title, owners of those devices should absolutely go for the fast charging. So, I guess it’s due time for Anker to launch an USB-C to Lightning cable, right @AnkerOfficial? :wink: I’m actually just waiting for it to jump on fast charging. Seriously. I’m up for charging fast, but not for spending too much money on it. While there are no cheap and reliable options of cables, I’ll wait.


Your still waiting for Apple to allow other manufacturers to make the usb c to lightning cable…

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Pretty good for Anker to be mentioned in an article from Gizmodo ! Good for the SEO too :stuck_out_tongue:

Fast charging is good when you’re in a pinch, but according to this article, it can stress the battery if done on a regular basis. So there’s an argument for slow charging.

“When you charge fast all the time, you limit the life span of the battery,” Mr. Zeine said.


Hum… That’s the kind of info that should be on the Gizmodo article. Thanks!

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They love Anker at Gizmodo. You can frequently find US deals on Anker products there.

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Go Anker! Nice shoutout from the WSJ!

Wow, front and center! Well done.

Elite is predecessor of the smaller II

That’s Apple for you… you don’t get to be a nearly trillion dollar company without proprietary technology or markup for use :smile:

Congrats on the shoutout @AnkerOfficial , it’s always good to seem Anker products in the mainstream :thumbsup:


not to mention legal avoidance of tax and using the law to enforce patents (or attempt to)

Apple of Jersey, or is it Ireland, or is it USA, or is it Cayman Islands.

Wherever, off to get a Starbucks after I did my Google search with the bit of money left after I pay my taxes.

Great article! Very informative, especially considering I’ve had a bunch of apple cables go out on me lately, now I know why… Thanks!