Fast chargers for Huawei P20

Has anyone had an experiences with charger for the P20, would Anker charger with Power IQ (1&2) can fast charge it? I wouldn’t expect to reach the 4.5A 5V. a speed of 5V x 2A would be acceptable.

As long as whatever Anker charger you choose has power IQ 2.0 or quick charge 3.0 you will get fast charging on your P20

@Jesse_Hernandez1: P20 don’t follow QC standard. They had its own standard.
Haven’t seen any confirmation from Anker and I don’t think they would charge it at the speed of QC.

You’re right it won’t charge at its maximum speed but it will enable fast charging not to be confused with “supercharging”

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@Jesse_Hernandez1: My question was about “fast charging” not “charging”. I know it will charge but if you didn’t have fact or experience, please don’t confirm. I need to know what charging speed it could charge, and which model. I quoted you again to remind you.

there are 3 different charging modes, normal charge, fast charge and SuperCharge😉

Supercharge mode, which is the fastest possible, requires BOTH a compatible battery charger AND a compatible cable. Usually, cables have purple plug. Non-compatible systems can charge at fast charge speed as I previously stated​:wink::wink:

@Jesse_Hernandez1: Read my 1st question again… Did you see lots of number? Unless you didn’t read.

Nowhere in your original question did you ask for numbers. We’re done have a good night.

Are you trolling people here?


I don’t feed troll!

Power Iq 1.0 charges at 12 watts
Power IQ 2.0 charges at up to 19 watts… math works out to 18 watts so not sure how anker came to that 19w number

Power Delivery will also charge at up to 18 watts depending which batterypack your using.

Dear NTran,

This is Anker Customer Support. Please note that the Huawei P20 is compatible with the Hisilicon. But we are really sorry to inform that we don’t have a charger that can support the Hisilicon. Therefore, we don’t have a charger that can support to fast charge the Huawei phones.

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Thanks for the reply,
I will test the phone today with both PD port and normal port. Hopefully they can charge better than the standard 5Vx1A. I heard someone mentioning the PD port can go up to 9V 1A. but not sure. I will check it out later today or tomorrow and see. The P20 is using its own cable with a their Huawei chip inside. It might be a pain also.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much, 5V with 1.5A-2A should be fine

@AnkerSupport: I just tested my P20 with Anker charger with Power IQ1 and IQ2 tech. I didn’t have voltage meter for USB C to USB C. But here is the initial result.

Anker chargers, with Power IQ1&2 port, can charge the P20 at the speed of 5.2V x 1.82A when the battery was around 66%. I tested with both Huawei cable (purple head) and Anker cable. There was no difference when using the Anker cable and Huawei cable to charge with Anker powerport (2&4). Anker cable could also work with Huawei charger but can only charge at the speed 5.2Vx1.82A.

Anyway, that was some results of a small test. Basically Anker charger can charge P20 at the speed of 10-12W - which is fine for most cases.


i’m considering buying a car charger for my huawei p20 pro

right now i’m looking at 2 setups:
PowerDrive Speed +2
Powerline+ USB-C to USB-C 2.0

PowerDrive Speed 2
Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A 2.0
Powerline+II USB-C to USB-A 2.0
Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A 3.0

so my questions are:

  1. does huawei p20 pro support power delivery? I don’t expect power delivery to “supercharge”, but at least relatively faster than normal speed?

  2. in setup 1, does the Powerline+ USB-C to USB-C 2.0 support power delivery? i can’t find that information anywhere (anker CA,, anker US) except on, when you choose the grey one, it has “power delivery” wording in the name.

  3. if so, do ALL anker USB-C to USB-C cables support power delivery?

  4. PowerDrive Speed 2 has IQ2 vs PowerDrive 2’s IQ1, what’s the actual difference? i been told by anker support via email that the difference is IQ2 supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, which i feel doesn’t make the most sense because there’s two versions of PowerDrive Speed 2, one has 2 QC3 ports, the one i’m considering has 2 IQ2 ports.

  5. in setup 2, i understand USB-A 3.0 would have faster data transfer than 2.0, but other than what, in terms of charging, is there any difference between 2.0 vs 3.0?

  6. also in setup 2, Powerline+ vs Powerline+ II are both 2.0, besides the different nylon braid design that supposedly makes the latter more durable, is there any difference in terms of charging?

  7. why does anker have so much inconsistencies in their product descriptions? lol…so much information missing, and most products dont even have a spec section.

  1. No, no PD for Huawei
  2. Same no Power Delivery for huawei chip
  3. Power Delivery is a USB standard, not all are supported but many are.
    4, Those are for QC quick charge compatibility. You could check the forum for more detail. Huawei support none of this.
  4. USB 2.0 and 3.0 is for data transfer, nothing to do with charging.
  5. Not really
  6. You could find more information on their product page and amazon. They release new things everyweek/months. The product cycles are short so you should expect many version of the similar product
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