Fantatic Products and where to find them

A few years ago my charger cable broke. And I was tired of buying countless cables just to have them charge my phone slowly or break after only a few weeks. Then I saw an old Anker charger that I bought years ago and decided to spend a little more (not much) and try some supposed “High quality” cables and chargers.

I read a lot of reviews because I trust consumers more than companies themselves and it was hard to find anything negative about Anker products. So I bought a wall charger and a micro USB cable.

When they got here the first thing I noticed was the packaging is top notch. I felt bad opening them! Even the USB cables came in a nice sturdy box. Then came the testing. And I was blown away. The thickness of the cables is beyond anything I’ve ever owned. The entire thing feels premium and I never feel like I’m going to damage it no matter how hard I bend or twist it. I purchased a shorter second cable within a week because I was so impressed.

The charger brick that I bought (PowerPort+ 1 with Quick Charge 2.0) not only charges my phone insanely fast (Even WITHOUT the Quick Charge) but it holds voltages very well and overall is a superbly safe and well designed charger. Every time I use my pass through voltmeter I smile, because I’m seeing superb charging rates and rock solid volt levels. My OEM charger fluctuates to some extremes at times, and to my knowledge doesn’t support quick charge, and cost around the same price… So which charger would YOU choose?

I’ve since bought a replacement battery for my Galaxy Note 4, SD/MicroSD USB 3.0 reader, recieved a PowerCore 5000 as a gift, and have a USB 3.0 hub in the mail.

If it doesn’t say Anker it’s not getting plugged into MY electronics.
Quality Anker

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