Fantastic Fusion!

Because pics are so loved and I am smitten by the comparison, here’s a quick look at what the PowerCore Fusion 5000 is equivalent to (really better). I’m amped about the space savings and added perk of IQ vs my older stuff not having it.

Both sets are based on comparable mah storage and having 2 USB outputs like the Fusion (thus 2 AC adapters).

Power on Anker!
That is all. = )


I like the comparison :thumbsup:

A picture is worth a thousand words … well put together! :thumbsup:

Nice :+1:t2:

That’s a chargers itncam replace! And the price tag makes it even better

Nice choice on the red Fusion! :thumbsup:

Yeah Fusion! The greatest Anker product EVER!

Have to applaud the Fusion 5000 for a more recent discovery - that it adequately powers my Anker charging pad! Maybe not as ideal as wall power, but when I created my mobile power unit for the Creativity contest, the Fusion made for a great power source to free my Roaver from the tethers of a wall cable. :grin:

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