Fantastic Anker Deals! October 10

Anker’s most powerful flashlight, the Bolder LC130 is currently on sale for $46 via Amazon. The regular price is $60, so it’s about a 23% discount.

I own Anker’s two smaller flashlights, and I must say, I continue to be impressed with their size and brightness. My favorite is the LC90. I think it is the sweet spot between the other two, as it is over twice as bright as the LC40, but significantly smaller than the LC130. With that being said, if you are looking for the brightest flashlight Anker offers, the LC130 is definitely a great choice. It should be able to light up a large room easily.

Let me know your experiences with Anker flashlights and if you’ll be picking this one up!

Next up, we have the Eufy Homevac Duo, which is on sale for just $80!

Typically the Homevac Duo costs around $110, so this is a significant discount. It also may be a sign that a new one is coming soon, which is great news!

Finally, the newly released SoundBuds Surge are also on sale for just $22. They currently have a 4.6 star rating on Amazon!


Maybe an update like the LC90. Since the LC90 now has a longer charge


I really like the look of the LC130. I plan on picking one up in the future. I recently picked up the LC90 and am pretty impressed with it.


I got my LC90 earlier in the year and am tempted to get the newer version that should last 14 more hours on a charge due to that cooler weather in case the power goes out. It’s very bright for it’s size. If the LC130 gets the same treatment and can last longer than 6 hours on a charge, I think they will sell more.

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Yeah. I think the new LC90 will end up being my go-to.

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Today, the SoundBuds Surge and Homevac Duo get added to the list of great deals!

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The deals keep coming in. Gift ideas for the holidays

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I own the LC130. It is huge. I bought one, stayed at one. Good for illuminating a large area. Good to putting on its end and pointing to the ceiling to illuminate a room.

LC90 is best general-purpose.

LC40 is a good to own in quantity, lots of, in many places, for in every bedroom, in every bag, every car, backup on a bike.

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I think an LC60-70 with USB port would be good.

what is that?

600-700 lumens

Ahh, then I think I disagree.

The Lumens does not matter so much, because the human eye has a wide variability. Once night adjusted, a human eye can illuminate a distant mountain with a candle, or see its feet just off star light. Whatever is the Lumens, the human eye can handle.

The issue is one of “arms race” of light where your natural ability to see is stolen by other lights, so street lights, vehicle lights, or in the emergency case when power is out and your eyes do not have time to adjust (minutes usually).

I suspect most reading this have never had their native night vision ability revealed to themselves due to always having artificial light.

A particular Lumens level is not that important.

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