Fancy PowerCore II Promotion Pages!

PowerCore II 10000
PowerCore II 20000

These are some of the coolest promotional pages I’ve seen Anker make! To make this page even better, I’d love to offer a few suggestions, and say where I got confused.

First, the link to PowerIQ 2 isn’t working.
Second, on the recharging times, the ads say 2.5 hours for the 10k and 4 hours for the 20k, while Amazon says 4 hours for the 10k and 5 hours for the 20k.
Third (this is a small one), to get the claimed recharge times, wouldn’t you need a QC charger (or PIQ 2 PowerPort in the future)? It looks like the PowerPort 2 Elite is pictured. Why not picture one that is actually capable of delivering the shown recharge times, such as the PowerPort Speed 2?
Fourth, the specs appear to be for the PowerCore 15600 on both.
Finally, are some of the charge times listed accurate? Is PowerIQ 2 really going to charge iPads faster than the 12W port on the PowerCore II 20000?

Other than that, I think these are great ads! Let me know what you think below, and if you caught anything else you think should be changed.


Wow! Love that! Makes me want to keep watching the animation :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I kind of love them.

Give it time to get correct

“Capacity : 15600 mAh / 57.72 wh”

Spot anyone familiar?

We purchased the copyright of these images, so these can be used as the creative material.:grin:

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@joshuad11 we are fixing the powerIQ page now, thank you for your reminder. For the charging time data, we should confirm with our product manager again, If we found any incorrect information, we will change it ASAP.:innocent:

Amazon usually bases their takes this long to charge on a 1Amp output.

The animation is great. Me thinks an Anker screensaver with their products

I like the estimated charge times based on popular devices!

Anker made these, not Amazon.

True but Amazon doesn’t have the right details. 1amp vs 2 amps can make a difference when someone is looking to purchase. Comparison chart that Amazon has usually states 1amp vs what the actual imput and output of the device. It’s like they use a 1amp as the standard charge and discharge rate rather than what the device has

So Amazon’s knowledge has nothing to do with the issue I’m pointing out. It is all Anker.

Not all 2A are the same. I doubt a 2A in a bigger battery is the same 2A in a smaller battery. Smaller output and input slower than bigger. The “upto” is not the same as “is”. Need a meter to know.

Understandable, but even if we’re talking QC, I wouldn’t think it would take 80% as long for 10k vs 20k. Only doing the experiment would tell, though, but that’s Anker’s job!

Perhaps on the first trial they got 5 and 4 and on the second they got 4 and 2.5 and decided they weren’t going to do any more trials.

I know, I’m just saying it might be confusing for buyers when two different specifications are present for a product

Anker actually performs like the advertised specifications. Wish they were sold in more stores. And the stores that do carry the products, have both iOS and Droid products. I have seen just iOS. Microcenter has a list and it’s growing.

Could you attach a screenshot where it says 1A?

It’s also confusing when the recharge times are different… BOTH POSTED BY ANKER!

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I was hoping they are USB C pd as you posted back in September but still they look nice!

Still coming I think. When I emailed their support team they seemed very secretive, which is odd… Could be something big.

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On the updated LC40 page:

Features & details
“LONG-LASTING: Up to 50 hours (Low-beam mode) of powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 3350mAh battery. LEDs boast an extended 50000-hour lifespan. Recharge in 6 hours with a 5V 1A adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable.”