Family Charging Station?

I would love to see a charging station that I could put in our home’s main hub (the kitchen) for all of our electronics. My kids leave their phones there overnight and my wife and I are constantly spending time near that area. I saw a device a while back that was really nice and had 4 standard USB chargers, one wireless charger, and one USB-C charger. Also, one of the standard USBs was a removable battery pack that could go with someone to another room. I would love to see Anker’s take on this, or ask the community what they are currently using for this type of situation?

I would recommend PowerPort Speed 5, Charges USB C device at top speeds with the Power Delivery port (1 port only) at 30W maximum speed, and has 4 Power ports USB-A intelligently recognize your device to boost charging speeds up to 2. 4A per port. Have this at my office desk, to charge the wireless charger for iphone, bluetooth headset, couple of other devices.

Edit: Looks like similar one is on the PowerDraw this week (Does not have USB-C PD)


That is the same one I use. I love it. Good recommendation :wink:


I have such one an ANKER 5 port charger.
That’s all we need here for the whole gang.
And its always a very nice place to meet and have conversation. :rofl:

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I like the PowerPort Speed PD 5 for charging a bunch of gadgets at once (4 USB ports and 1 USB-C PD port)

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The only advantage I see to the PowerPort Speed 5 (not PD) is that if you have some older devices that only support Quick Charge you will be able to charge them with that device. I’m not sure if the PPS PD 5 supports Quick Charge.

PowerPort Speed 5 with PD does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge, and Xiaomi Air, but has 4 PowerIQ ports.

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Hell of an answer. They should mark the question as solved :+1:

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I don’t disagree that the PowerPort line has some good value for the purpose, but I would like to see something with more features down the road from Anker. I mentioned a device with wireless charging and a removable power bank because I believe those are some things that Anker could easily develop and implement in the future for their customers. That’s why I was posting about it in the “Ideas and Suggestions” category.

I hear you, Anker has refrained from Wireless charging with PowerBank or the passthrough powerbank for sometime due to design, heating and other issues which Anker can best explain.

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Good to know! Glad to know that it isn’t because they aren’t thinking about it! Thanks for letting me know!

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The one @Shenoy suggested is the one I would replace our older one with.

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Thank you for your thoughts! Our PM will review all the suggestions in this category. We will consider any valuable suggestions, thank you again.:relaxed:


Would be a cool idea all your chargers in one place👌

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