Fail to format homebase 2 (error code: -135)

I press Repair button in the local storage setting but I wait so long.

So I decided to restart the app.

It shows: HomeBase local memory is full. Old video clips will be overwritten and deleted.

But I see it shows:

Clips: 0.0 GB

Total: 0.0 GB

Available: 0.0 GB

I try to format the local store but it shows me the error code -135.

I think I did something wrong. Please help me out.

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@hckhanh do you have an external card reader? I would suggest trying a format outside of the Homebase in FAT format, then try again within the Homebase.

If this fails to resolve, it’s likely a failed sdCard and will need replacing.

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Homebase 2 has a emmc memory, not removable, so you can’t use an external card reader to format.

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Good call, skipped over the title :blush:

@hckhanh you would be best reaching out to to help troubleshoot the issue.

Finally, I restarted the homebase and everything is fine. :smiley:

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