Facebook requirement from we love testing is gone

@AnkerOfficial has removed the Facebook requirement from we love testing events. This means the “anti-social media” people on this community will now be able to take part in we love testing events :wink:.

Let’s all give anker a thanks and a thumbs up for listening to there audience and removing this requirement.

Thanks anker!


I’m happy they actually listen to the community and try to make things easier for us the members :clap: :clap:


You really did not need to creat yet another thread on this subject as there are already others that you yourself started and posted in.


You really didn’t need to comment here if you don’t like the post. You are just trying to point farm and meet your daily comment quota :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the advisory. I hadn’t realized the rollback on the requirement.

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@Anjou1888 As you’ve already stated twice under the original ‘compliant thread’ that the requirement has now gone…

I think the thanks and comments can remain confined to there, additional threads are not needed…

Guys…I think the ‘points farming’ gags have run there course now…creating branch threads of posts already under another thread is what I would personally consider a ‘points farming;’ exercise…a term which I must admit I find annoying…it’s like another labeling exercise in a world of labels already :thinking:

The majority of users can hit their daily points tally from creating useful (non repeated topics), helpful posting, liking and general discussion etc etc…I really doubt anyone needs to pad their points quota further from stating the simple fact that the thread has already been covered within another thread…