Face detection of family member or ones own face

The App mentions facial recognition of family members. I have both Eufycam 2 and the wireless doorbell. But it is totally unclear how to add family faces so the doorbell won’t send notifications every time I leave or comeback home.

How does one use facial recognization?

My homebase and camera and doorbell use the latest firmware and the Android and iOS Apps are also the latest from the App stores.

Thank you.

Thank you for contacting eufy @edumos

Please noted that we only have the Homebase 1 has the AI-chip build in, so only the camera that added on the Homebase 1 will be supporting the face ID and facial recognition.

Could you please let us know which Homebase you have?

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

@AnkerSupport thank you for replying swiftly.

I have the Homebase 2 cause that is sold together with Eufycam 2 and the wireless doorbell. There is no option to buy Homebase 1 with either the wireless doorbell or Eufycam 2.

From your question on which Homebase version I have, I conclude that there should be a choice when buying the wireless doorbell or Eufycam 2. Is that so?

I’m surprised and disappointed that this isn’t more clearly mentioned. The information in the App suggests that face recognition is available but nowhere it is mentioned that this requires Homebase 1.
So Homebase 2 isn’t a true successor to Homebase 1.

If I could buy a separate Homebase 1 (which I can’t cause it isn’t offered as a standalone product) would this be supported in the future?
Will there be AI support in future Homebase versions?


I am in agreement with Edumos. It’s not clear that homebase 2 / Eufy cam 2 doesn’t have facial recognition. And you can’t buy Homebase 1 seperate. What is the point of an upgraded product / camera that has less functionality , and the insinuation is that a software update wouldn’t help the homebase 2. Poor I’m afraid from an otherwise great company.

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Yeah I agree it’s a joke. No where on the packaging for the doorbell does it mention this. Also mentions works with voice assistant and lists Google. Well if you plan on using this then you would be making a mistake. By the time it loads on Google the person would no long be at your door. You also may think you have the ability to talk to that person from Google display but nope it only streams the video and nothing else. Respond in real time is also very misleading. I suggest you change the information on you box to say respond with 10 second delay between sentences and that’s if the person’s still at the door to respond because they mostly walk off thinking no one’s home or answered. Advanced ai human detection nope won’t do that at all unless you have the base 1 which isn’t mentioned anywhere at all. It’s a absolute joke and the disappointment just keeps coming.

Is there any update to the facial recognition on the home base 2?

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Any update please? It is because the AI installed in Homebase 2 or you are working on it? Would be great to have the option to add family members recognition. Thank you.