Exterior wall mounts for Eufy Cam 2 Pro - Where to get?

Hi -

I have a new Eufy Cam Pro 2 Pro system and it comes with two plastic screw-in wall mounts. I wanted to try and find something metal. Everything I see online says it’s for Arlo and other cameras. I don’t know if they will fit or hold the weight of the Cam Pro 2.

Can anyone recommend alternative wall mounting hardware for the Eufy Cam Pro 2? This is for use outside.


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Almost any metal wall mount that is designed for the armor cameras will also work for the Eufy cameras. I personally prefer the ones by Wasserstein.

I was worried about the length of the screw and the indented hole on the back of the Pro 2 camera. So this one should work? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WVC78KS?th=1

(and, wow, thanks for the quick reply!)

The screws can always be changed to shorter ones if need be, but I found them to be the perfect +¹p1length so its nice and secure. And if your really bold, you can add some blue loctite to the threads when mounting the camera so its harder to remove…do not use Red loctite as its permanent

Oh - I meant the screw that goes into the back of the camera being long enough since the bottom of the camera where you screw the mount to the base of the camera has an indent. Does that work properly?

Ok so if you look at the mount, the white part on the screw can adjust so you can make it tight right to the camera if the threads are too long. But I didn’t have to adjust anything on mine so you should be fine

Makes sense and if it’s working for you, it’s good. I’ll order that one. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

You can always go by your local hardware stuff to find longer screws