Explaining to non-techy people why having an external battery is great

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you my experience of this weekend. I went to Paris to visit my brother and his family of three.
His wife and him are not the most tech-savvy people, and I already offered him once to give him an external battery I received from Anker, but he didn’t feel to have this need at the time.

We happenned to talk about their aging iPhones 5C, and the fact that the batteries are starting to get old, and behave randomly. He told me that he had to carry his cable everyday, and try to charge everytime he could find a power socket.

I told him again that I could give him an external battery, and at the beginning he was still relunctant. I don’t know why, but I feel non tech-savvy people don’t really understand why it’s so convenient. I explained him how it changed the way I interact with my phone, and how I never connect it to the wall socket ever again.

I showed him one of my reviews on Amazon, to better picture him the size of the battery, explained him the features and the perks… And I convinved him ! I’ll bring him a spare battery I have, plus a PowerLine+ cable ! And BOOM, one more Anker evangelist out there haha.

Thanks for reading me, and please share your experience when you convinced someone to buy/use an Anker product. After all, us “ambassadors” are meant to do that !



Thanks for sharing your story! I remember getting a lot of “what is that?” questions 4-5 years ago when power banks first became popular. Once people learned what a power bank can do, they immediately buy one!

My coworker was the same way always asking why I used my powercore at work. He needed it one day and that same night immediately ordered one once he saw how fast his phone charged.

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I know, my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy for always keeping one in the center console of the car, but as soon as she needs to charge while we are out and about she appreciates it:joy:

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Why no car charger? I mean I have both with me but in the car I use the car charger and on the go it’s the powecore

I do, but say we’re going hiking or something and get out of the car and she isn’t charged or something, it’s nice to be able to grab that and go! Don’t worry, I have my Anker Roav F2 charger at all times:wink:

I have the perfect solution for you !
PowerDrive+ 4 Ports USB-C

I’m using this so I can charge both our devices, and a power bank that is stored in the arm-rest hehe

I have a PowerLine+ USB-C for my phone, and a PowerLine+ Lightning for my GF’s phone. And a micro-USB always plugged in for the power bank.

That has been my exact experience as well.
I’ve mentioned before that I’ll happily let people sitting near me on trains and airport terminals use my powercores to charge their phones. Nearly always they then go on to buy one there and then or add it to a wish list :smiley_cat:


My buddy and who have anker battery packs say “we are tied to a rope!” Basically our phones to our chargers :joy:

I love getting my Anker bits out when I’m camping or working away. They are always sitting in an empty cabin or windy logistics tent trying to grab 10 minutes charge on a 5w plug hahaha

I say jump on this and they see their battery level fly up and then order one :thumbsup:

I’ve added a few Anker fans by simply showing them different speakers chargers ect the quality and price really speak for themselfs.

I’m using the PowerCore II 20000mAh and I kinda never used it since I used a battery case and I was surprised how fast it charged my Phone Battery % was at 33% not even an hour and it got to 80% too bad this battery pack is kinda heavy but I would used this every day with my 6ft cable

My partners at college still don’t believe that these are the best powerbanks and cables ever! …I’m 1 step ahead! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see that I’m not the only one spreading Anker’s word out there :slight_smile: