[EXPIRED] Soundcore Eggstraordinary Deals

You guys in US may/may not have seen this email from Soundcore already so gonna put it right here. I’ve updated my thread to reflect these deals so if you want any of these items, just hop on over

Now that you’ve read this far, I have a question for you all: how many $ or % off cables is a good deal for you? Since cables are relatively cheap, I was wondering how much the definition of “good deal” changes so I can start adding cable deals on my Anker deals thread


Awesome deals, I love the terms Anker coins for these events – Eggstraordinary


Ooh. I really want some anker over ear headphones… I don’t think I’ll take that deal, since I don’t need the other stuff :grin:. Thanks for sharing the deals anyway! I didn’t get the email :grin:


Life 2 had that good deal but most of it is gone now so I would say wait for better deal. I’m just gonna say that NC isn’t the best because it just blocks some noise like fan but you can hear people pretty clearly if they’re near enough

@cshenoy @Anjou1888
Doesn’t look like you read that question though :joy:

Oh okay lol. I would say around 5$ would have me buy one. So a 15$ cable would only be $10 etc.


I should probably add, that on cheaper cables ($5-$7) I wouldn’t be looking for as much of a deal. Maybe $2-$3 off?

Yea of course lol. Thanks this will help me look for cable deals

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2pack cables for $9.99 would be good

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Sweet discounts @Shivam_Shah :thumbsup:

Weird how no reviews have been seen on the community for the Icon yet :confused:


I haven’t bought one, because I don’t like the design… I don’t want to pay $60 for something I’m not positive I want…

Once we get some reviews, I’ll decide from the pictures.

If it ever comes to the power user program (which I just got accepted into :grin:) I will try to redeem it.

Congrats…just a heads up though, PU items are mainly discount codes…

Yeah I know. I’m willing to pay for it, just not full price until I know if I like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

When I said “redeem it”, I meant the coupon code :joy:

Nice deals :slight_smile:

Nice deals @Shivam_Shah

Congrats @Anjou1888 I thought they put it aside for a while, so they started approving some PU’s then :thinking: [quote=“Anjou1888, post:11, topic:68137”]
power user program (which I just got accepted into :grin:)

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Congrats on getting accepted as Power User! I applied for the beta test program recently. Will see how that goes

Yea I haven’t seen any either. Was wondering if that’s because of the price or design compared to other speakers they sale

Great deals! Thanks for sharing.

I applied for the beta test as well. Hoping to get accepted for soundcore :grin:

I’ll take any to be honest :joy:. I do like the soundbar but didn’t win the event so that didn’t go too well