[Expired] RoboVac 11 White - Amazon UK - DOTD - £175.99 - Black Sale £167.98

Heads up for UK members that the white & black versions of the RoboVac 11 are currently on sale, the white a deal of the day item on Amazon UK and the black in general sale at £167.98. A nice drop from £219.99 for those in the market :slight_smile:

Just click the image for the link

Key Features

Strong Suction-Power 1000Pa vacuuming power works in conjunction with 2 side brushes and a motorized rolling brush to suck dust, grime, and crumbs as it sweeps around the house.

Always Ready to Vacuum RoboVac’s smart navigation system doesn’t just guide it through the cleaning. It also takes RoboVac home to the docking station when its battery is running low. Now your scheduled vacuum or an emergency spill can be dealt with instantly.

4 Cleaning Modes Auto, Spot, Edge, and Small Room cleaning modes change RoboVac’s cleaning path to best fit the room-type or to focus on where the mess is.

Vacuum to Freedom Climbs over rugs, rolls over uneven flooring, and is smart enough to avoid falling over ledges. Nowhere is off limits. Not suitable for high-pile carpet or very dark-colored floors.

Edge Mode RoboVac hugs walls and uses brushes designed to sweep dust from edges that traditional vacuums cannot reach.


Ordered mine i cant wait

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Got mine today such a shame i cant use it with my alexa but apart from that its awesome