[EXPIRED] Nebula Prizm 480p Home Projector, for just $40 --- Hot, Best Deal Ever!

Best Deal ever on Nebula Prizm 480p Home Projector, for just $40, regular $86.99

Use the $20 Amazon Coupon + Coupon code SDEXPRM1 ($50 discount)

UPDATE – Currently showing as not available, please keep checking if interested, Anker Nebula may restock it again


I just saw this too. Comes out to $38.55 after taxes! That’s one hell of a deal!

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never seen the Prizm at such a steep price cut / deal… i am sure this will go out of stock in next couple of hours

EDIT – take my words back, it is already out of stock, not available on Amazon US site for now, until Anker restocks it

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You sure? I’m still showing it available and I can even add it to my cart to check out.

Weird… I tried from.laptop and mobile… shows not available. Not sure if this is Geo specific thing

This is what I am seeing

I like the looks of it :+1:

I was considering this. But 480p ehhh