[Expired] Eufy Smart Scales - Amazon UK DOTD - £29.99 - 38% Saving

Heads up for UK members, Amazon currently have the Eufy Smart Scales on a Deal Of The Day today at £29.99, down from £47.99. Click image for Amazon link :slight_smile:

Key Features

  • 12 critical measurements are made to give information about your body, including weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass and more.
  • Get to know it better: The Eufylife app gives you a longer lasting and accurate overview of your body. Progress and health trends become long-term.
  • Extremely accurate: Measure four sensitive sensors in total accurate and reliable.
  • For All The Family. Up to 20 people can measure your body and follow long-term results. The display gives the numbers in 3 cm.
  • What You Will Get: Body sense Smart scale, four AAA batteries, instruction manual (may not be in English), 15 months Warranty and Friendly Customer Service

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Recently gaining weight, let me consider if I should buy a Smart Scales to monitor myself.:fearful:


Gaining weight is not necessarily bad…could be lean muscle :muscle: :wink:

I love my scale. I just don’t like that it doesn’t sync with most fitness and wellness apps. I would love it if connected to MyFitnessPal.


I gained some weight over the winter too, time to get my Beach body back.