[Expired] Certified Pre-Owned, 87% OFF: PowerCore 10000, ONLY $3.99 | PowerCore 20100, ONLY $6.49

TOO LATE… These deals didn’t last long!

PowerCore 10000: $3.99 (save $26.00)

PowerCore 20100: $6.49 (save $43.50)

More refurbished products: https://www.anker.com/deals/refurbished


Sweet, thanks for posting. My son starts school tomorrow so I ordered 2 of the 10k, one for him to carry and the other to have as a backup


These prices are insanely awesome!

Wow, those are great deals. Gone now.

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Welp that was short lived and canceled :cry:


What! :confounded: That’s not the Anker customer service I know…


@AnkerOfficial anything you can do? I mean I get mistakes happen but generally companies honor these things. Such a shame, customer service flopped on this one

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Thanks for sharing :v:

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Nice deals, thanks for posting

So this wasn’t a deal. It was a price mistake. No need to get riled up on customer service. :slight_smile:

On the PowerDraw page bottom entry:

Bummer!!! They should honor it since it wasn’t your fault.

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