Expired Black Friday Coupons

So I got my items i want to buy on here in the cart, but it says all my coupons expired and i know i saw the date that says it’ll expire, which is December 3rd. Did this happen to you?

Yes, it did. Very strange indeed.


On searching around, fortunately found the T&Cs:

So those coupon are meant to be still valid from today til Dec 3rd. There were not valid til today but are meant to be valid now til Dec 3rd. So them not being valid I classify as an Anker.com site error.

But… Anker tends to not work weekends, it is weekend now, so far from optimistic it will be fixed til Monday or Tuesday.

@AnkerOfficial - error on your anker.com

As Monday is Nov 27th, that gives time for this error on Anker.com to be fixed before Dec 3rd.

I’d just hang fire, not give up, til Monday or Tuesday.


Thank you very much

There have many types of offers some of them today only and my current guess is plain human error that those offers due to be valid today only got mangled with those meant to be valid til Dec 3rd.

Normally Anker goes very dark from late Thursday til late on Sunday night or often Monday. @AnkerOfficial is notified by quoting them so just wait.

Notice the last activity 19 hours ago and then scroll down and see the gap between last Friday 17th and 4 days ago (Monday).

Anker has pulled the ad from all platforms.

Including Community, anker.com, Facebook.

Edit: Also pulled from Twitter, link is back up and running.

Link is broken.

wondering if pulled deliberately due to a bug in the coupons or accidentally given its been a hectic set of complex offers last days?

The page is not showing on caching sites.

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I could uave sworn they said the coupons were limited so may they had all been used?


Now my coupons are gone, just gone completely.

Mine not gone just expired

Academic for me as didn’t need anything $100+ but accept others would have expected to save up multiple needs and now disappointed

I noticed that page gone. I wanted to see what discounts there were

Coupons are back… and live again for me!

Only 5 power banks in the shop

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Yours is 20% off $100? Mine is $20.

It’s happen to me before I just contact anker and they end of correcting it

Coupons back but prices up. e.g. Powercore 10000 was $20 now $26.

So the best prices with coupons, stacked discount on coupons, were earlier.

you’re correct $20 off $100, $40 off $200, $100 off $500.

That equates to 20% if you hit exactly the $ threshold, to work out your combined discount, and as that is impossible in reality it is <20%.

Still has the LC90 for $59

I also see more items which is good