EXPIRED | Anker Giveaway for UK and Germany

Not sure if you all in the community know this or not but there is a giveaway for Germany and UK resident on Anker’s website. I haven’t seen any thread stating this so just created the post. Correct me if I just overlooked and missed it.

You should be able to find it here


SAY WHAT! :open_mouth::hushed::astonished::scream: Can Canada get a PS4 giveaway Anker? Quite generous :sunglasses::relieved:


No, this hasn’t been posted yet. Great drawing though! I wish it was available in US as well. Whatever, we get lots of drawings!


Wow this is awesome! I knew Anker was generous, but not this generous. Wish the US was included as well

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Great giveaway, surprised to see Anker giving non-Anker goodies,

What’s other non-Anker products you want to get?

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Wow! That is just way too awesome! I would like to see an Xbox too! An iPad Pro would be cool! I’m still in shock cause Anker is way to generous! I just want to say thank you very much Anker!

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How about some Air Pods :joy:
Might save me 2500 power bucks :ok_hand:

On a serious note. Fantastic giveaway. Really, really fantastic


Thank you for the advice.
It’s really great that someone of the family is always searching those offers.

I am in the game now.


ipad mini is on our plan.:smile:


Thank you very much @AnkerTechnical ! An iPad mini is very generous. Talk about going above and beyond, That’s just awesome!


WOW, It’s a great giveaway :ok_hand:

iPad Pro is probably stretching it a little :joy:

I accidentally stumbled upon Anker’s UK website so thought I would share it for British and German friends here

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Hey, when asked I tell it like it is! I really want to replace my Air 2 with a new Pro but they are expensive! But I was reaching very far though with this one!

That is an awesome giveaway. @AnkerTechnical is feeling more generous by the day. Good luck to everyone over the pond with this and look forward to seeing someone have their day made.


This is for Canada :grinning: Thanks @AnkerTechnical :thumbsup:

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A Nintendo switch maybe? I don’t wanna go overboard here so restricted to under $300 :laughing:

That’s really generous to our family from Germany and UK. Good luck everyone.


That is a really generous giveaway @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

Good luck people un Germany and UK.:slight_smile: