(Expired) Anker deals galore on Amazon U.K. DOTD

Morning folks! Amazon U.K. has a plethora of deals going on with today’s deal of the day.

Everything from chargers, hubs, cables and battery banks to name more than a few.

Thought I’d post these for any U.K. folks that don’t have the time to look for the deals and want to be taken directly to them. :slight_smile:

click here to go directly to the Anker deals page


Nice deals


Dam thats a lot a deals :hushed::open_mouth:

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Thanks. Found a new word I didnt know… ääh sorry it is not a new word - but I didnt know.
Know now. Greek. …maybe the root of “plenty” ?
Thanks !

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Nice deal… thanks for sharing👍

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@furkist it’s a word that rarely ever gets used so thought I’d give it an airing!

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Thanks ! I love such words.
I use such words (of course in german, and there are also plenty of those) when I talk with my grand children. At the moment with g.son (5) a lot, with g.daughter (2) not so much.
And each time I use such word, I add a short - very short - explanation. So I try to keep such words alive …or I make a joke using such word because learning by joke is fun…
thanks anyway…

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A while ago I tried learning German but gave up lol perhaps I should try again

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