[Expired] Amazon UK Deal Of The Day - SoundCore

A few of the popular audio products from SoundCore are up on Amazon UK deals today…up to 38% off :grin:


That’s a very generous discount on the Space NC! Shame that I’ve gotta pay road tax instead this month. :man_facepalming:t2:



In the same situation this month…car bills galore :frowning2:

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Does anyone know how durable the soundcore surge is? I need some earbuds to do landscaping in…

They look the same as the soundcore spirit earphones.

If so, they’re good and fairly durable (the spirit are IP7 so very good in wet n dirt, say if you dropped them).

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I think I’m going to get the spirit pro… would you recommend the X or Pro for what I want?

Myself… I prefer the normal one or X (can’t remember which pair I have! Whichever one is based on a submarine?)

I found the ear hooks painful, but they def wont fall off with the hooks. The sound is slightly better on the pro.

Oh, interesting… which (if either) would you say is more durable?

I don’t work, I don’t do construction any more, I don’t jog or mountain bike

Durable, isn’t something I can tell you about!
The pro last longer, the X folds up small for.you pocket.

Either is dust/water proof(‽) I’d guess both were pretty durable, it’s more a question of whether you like ear hooks or not?

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Are the earhooks removable? I’m not really a fan, but they have a “certified used” pair on anker.com right now…

The earhooks aren’t removable on the Spirit X…I’ve found them to be comfy and hold well during exercise and the like…

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I might try them out. I’ve never used earbuds with earhooks before. It’s a pretty good price for the used one :man_shrugging:

Dam good deals :sunglasses::relaxed::grin:

nice deals!

Nice deals :ok_hand:

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