(Expired) 20% off Anker Chargers and Cables | Amazon U.K. DOTD

Head on over to the Amazon U.K. DOTD section and you’ll find quite a few goodies that vary from 20% off to as much as 56% off.

The deals end in the next 14 hours or so and can be found here


Nice deals!


I have Facebook / Google News / Amazon / Anker / Google all set as my homepages to open each time I open my Web browser on my work PC so I have a daily morning ritual of checking the Amazon deals, my Anker Power Users Page, a couple of scrolls on Facebook, checking the latest headlines and then around 0950-1000 I open Outlook to start some work and obviously during a down moment I go back and check one of my homepages.
Who else has homepages that have nothing to do with work while at work?

Almost same :smiley: everyday i start with anker community amazon deals Gmail and social accounts,I Applyed myself to “power user” do you know much time does it need to get answer? still no answer 1 weeks…

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I don’t remember how long it took it was over 3 years ago.
It’s been great and have loved every sample they gave me to test/review
I hope your wait isn’t too long and that you get some awesome gear to test/review

thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Thanks for the deal!

Sorry, this promotion has now expired.
Expired :smiley: