Expected Lifespan of Anker Cables?

Question for Anker staff.

What would you say is the position of Anker in terms of cable reliability? I’ve had some Anker cables (mostly in the connection ends) fail within 6-months, while others have lasted well over a year operating fine.

Mine are going solid after about a year, but the 18 month warranty is great

Most of mine are 1+ year plus. I’ve only had one cable fail, and it was one that came with a battery pack (which feels less quality than the ones with battery packs)

I purchased two Anker Lightning cables about two years ago and both are still working brilliantly and more importantly look like new. No obvious signs of wear and tear unlike the Apple cables, which appear to self destruct in no time at all.

In my opinion, I understand why Anker are America’s #1 USB charging brand and delighted that here in the U.K. I am able to purchase their durable and beautifully designed products.

I bought 6 Anker USB cables for my family in June 2015. They had all failed by Christmas and I replaced with Another Brand which were rubbish and were returned to Amazon in January.

I went back to genuine samsung Cable and these lasted about 4-5 months.

In July this year I went back to Amazon and came across the Anker cables again - This time I noticed the 2 year warranty. (18 Month??)

I emailed Anker (26th July) and they very kindly replaced all 6 cables (27th July)

On the 29th September one of these cables had failed and was again replaced by Anker.

This morning a second Cable has failed and Anker have agreed to refund the original £3.99 I paid and suggested I purchase a “Poweline+” cable. But I can’t justify the £8.99

I had some that failed within 3 months but Anker was quick to send out a replacement. But I also have some that are over 1 year but either way it’s the customer service that really keep me interested in Anker product.

I’ve had an Anker cable fail on me in 3 weeks. Sent it back, got another. The replacement failed in 6 months. They replaced it again. We’ll see how long the 3rd one lasts. To be totally honest, I’ve been a bit unsatisfied with Anker cables so far.

I have never had a cable, from any manufacturer, last more than 6 months. I have yet to try Anker cables, but I don’t hold out much hope.

It’s like these cable making companies know you’re not going to bother making the claim when it fails for the 3rd or 4th time, so can offer a great warranty and just replace cables for those who bother claiming, even if all their cables fail within warranty.

I have never had an Anker cable though, so I can’t tar them with that brush yet.

generally all went well, but one in particular 6ft nylon. I was disappointed because after a few weeks of use has been ruined