Expanding knowledge of technology!

Hey Anker Family,
I have a love for technology and want to expand my knowledge about it in every way possible. I’m looking for suggestions on how to learn more wheather it be books you loved, ways you personally learned, or anything at all. Please help me on my quest for more knowledge!
Thank you all

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Your best way to learn and gain knowledge is read read read. You can go to school, enroll in tech classes, use the power of the Internet and search, browse and read tech blogs or papers. There are many ways to learn, you just have to reach out and do it


So true! I learned a lot in my tech classes but I keep up to date on my tech from blogs and other web research.

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Me too, I’m a retired computer engineer. taking part at those communities keeps me up to date a little bit. Changes are so fast. I remember when I was studying, we were using punch cards! You can believe me. Was about 1970. And the computer we used those old days at the university was as big as a little house. (Was not a ZUSE, but similar) Nowadays there is more power in a mobile telephone! :slight_smile:

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Any books or websites you recommend for starting out???

Youtube is the best place to start. I LOVE TECH AS WELL


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Suppose it depends on what way you find easier to take in and retain information. For me I would say I’m more a visual / hands on type learner. So watching YouTube videos of people demonstrating or discussing the practicalities of things and how they work, I’m able to retain it more better than if I was to just pick up and book and read it. Google is your friend as you will be linked to videos, blogs, articles, books etc on whatever field of technology interests you. You will also come across forums like this where people share their experiences and advice on products/ideas. You could sign up for classes in a tech/uni where you will get both the study and practical elements.

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@ O.P.

I’m not “book clever”, but over the years, I’ve gained knowledge and at 48, I’m STILL gaining knowledge.

Now, I ain’t sure of how old you are, if you want to know how things work… buy a couple of old phones/laptops etc and take apart and put back together.

Things like how WiFi networks work, or 4g etc, then that’s reading.material. I’m sure somewhere there’s an “idiot’s guide” to mobile networks.

I know microwave dishes work by line of sight (that’s it tho!)

Join blogs n forums. Don’t be afraid to ask n ask n ask.

But all digital technology works on logic (yes/no or 001101010001110010110001 hope I haven’t cursed anyone!) As you can see I ain’t technical, but if I don’t know, I’ll ask and sometimes, I ask for it in simple terms.

Practice n read n chat

YouTube is my go to beyond practical experience.