Expand Power Review

This Anker power Expander is a great device. It arrived very well packaged. The quality was evident as soon as I got it in the mail and opened it. It did not not look or feel cheap like some of the other brands. I think that I would have really been able to take advantage of this Expander if I had a MacBook. I would definitely recommend this product to others based on the apparent quality of this one.2020-03-09T05:00:00Z


Why did you get it therefore?

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I thought it would work with another device I had at work also. Lesson learned.

OK but it has two protruding fixed USB C outputs so it will only work with the specific laptop…

Anker does make dongles with cables which work more universally.

But point taken. Anything you think of buying we can help you with? :smile:


A real perfect tester! :joy:

So this is unboxing review :grinning:

Whoops…must have been an interesting testing plan to be chosen by @AnkerOfficial despite not having a Macbook :thinking: