Existing Anker Forum Member

Hi Anker,

We are old member of existing Anker Forum, We already have Anker Bucks and also have our Rank position.
with this new Forum member, are they gonna be reset to zero or we will continue from out last time position ?
i hope we still can mantain our last position :slight_smile:


Also curious

When the new Anker Bucks launch, your account will be credited with your old Anker Bucks. However, I don’t know when or the exact details of the transition.

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there is no sign they gonna give us back our existing Anker Bucks hiks…

They have been busy re-jigging things lately. I’m sure the Anker bucks will be restored for those who previously had them. I would guess forum rankings will be dependent on whether elements of the older forum can be merged with this new version.

yah really hope so, cause last time they promise will restore all our existing Anker Bucks

Well, I have my old ‘bucks’ but not my old level. Bleh… That sucks…no fair…

There should at least give us ‘originals’ a star or something to set us apart from the flood of new people at least, or BOLD our names or something I would imagine since we’ve been around since the beginning…

I think the flood of new people might have to do more with the prize incentives, after that it might quieten down a touch.

As for recognising ‘original’ members, while it is a nice idea it does kinda give a ‘but we were here first’ slant which might go against their idea of a community setting.

Just my take on it…

I still have my previous anker bucks but underneath it says coming soon. Maybe they are re-vamping it.

I see your point about ‘we were here first’ stuff - which isn’t my intent to be unfriendly, more to acknowledge that we simply have been hanging around for a fair long while is all.

I’m missing a ton of mine still :frowning:

Mine are there, but I can’t do anything with them :laughing:

Great question: my Anker bucks never transferred over.

I’ve asked this question as well. I emailed Rosa yesterday but haven’t had a response yet. Even if they don’t want to add the points to this newer forum, I hope they give us an option to cash them in.

thank you so much Tom, please keep us update

I wonder if they have…

Not as of yet @ndalby @joshuad11

I wish they’d update my member profile, too, to show that I’m a long time Anker user, rather than having joined just recently. Bucks first, though! :wink:

I would think if they have not been restored by now they are unlikely to be…it seems to be that they wanted all users to start on even footing when the community was relaunched last Sept/Oct.

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