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Thoughts, everyone?!


Money off is always good :ok_hand: but 15% seems a little low for a student.

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Most places give 10 to 20% off for students so 15% is right in line with that. But like you said, any money off is money saved


This is great! I just found out about it today. StudentBeans has a convenient app for mobile phones as well. Not just #Anker discounts but discounts for lots of other things too!

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wow talk about timing, literally posted at the same time! HA

Good idea! Unidays is another student discount thing that lots of folk use here too!


Nice find! Thanks for posting, @joshuad11!

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Nice idea, I like it

Too bad I’m not working for the university anymore.
I would have done some very efficient advertising.
But useless as usual for US only. :angry:

It’s US only :sob:… Please extend this to the UK, there’s a huge potential!

There isn’t anything really notable imo for sale currently. Powerline + A to C, lightning, and micro usb. Powercore 10400, powercore 4 ports, Astro E1, screen protector for iPad Pro 9.7, karapax breeze for iPhone X, powerport 5 wireless stand, and wireless keyboard and mouse

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But you are still a student as you study Anker products daily :slight_smile:

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Sadly the deal is for the USA, it would be great to see this deal also available in the UK. @AnkerOfficial.

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Soundcore is now offering exclusive deals on their gear for students through Student Beans, as well! Click here to learn more and claim your 20% off discount!

I brought it to their attention and it seems they still have not fixed it but the link brings you to a page that only gets you 15% off not the advertised 20%

@AnkerOfficial xcan you please ask them to fix it because they have not replied to me in twitter

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They fixed it!

What is required for student discount ? An email address with .edu?

Yes that should be all you need

Hello everyone! I am a student right now, and I would love to get this discount as I am not the rich man and can’t afford myself to buy such a subscription. Even 15% gives a good advantage for the student! Please tell me, it is still valid, because I want to quickly earn money on this site, so you can buy it. Thank you!