Exclusive Giveaway for Roav Subscribers!

We spend a lot of time driving, but can you remember your last trip? The cars you passed, the people you saw, the license plate number of that jerk who cut you off and scraped a mailbox? A lot can happen on the road, but it’s not always easy to remember the details or prove what happened. Roav has created a product that does, AND we’re giving 5 of them away for free.

Roav DashCam C2 captures every driving moment in perfect detail. Instantly share any surprising things you see on the road, there are a few details that set DashCam C2 apart from the crowd.

Clear Picture—Day or Night

With a Sony Exmor Sensor and Nighthawk™ vision, DashCam C2 captures every image in 1080p and reduces contrast at night to capture license plates up to 30ft away.

Wide View and Screen

5 lens elements provide a panoramic view of the road to capture up to 4 lanes of traffic, which you can see easily on DashCam’s extra wide screen.

Shock Activation and Temperature Resistance

DashCam C2 automatically turns on when your car is jolted, even if the engine is off—and performs flawlessly in virtually any climate. In sweltering heatwaves or freezing blizzards, DashCam keeps an eye on your car.

The Giveaway

Just subscribe to Roav and you’re entered to win! We’ll randomly select 5 winners to get DashCam C2 for free before November 2nd. To all other participants, we’ll give you a 20% OFF coupon before November 3rd (valid until November 10th).

Get your DashCam C2 and start capturing every driving moment!:sunglasses:

Winner Announcement

Hi my friends,

Thanks for joining our giveaway! Our 5 grand-prize winners getting a free Dash Cam C2 are:



If you didn’t get the big prize this time, please don’t worry, you’ve won a 31% discount for our Roav Dash Cam C2, you could use it on Amazon to claim your discount before November 5th.

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to the community so that you don’t miss any new giveaway announcements!:grin:


What do you know I had already liked their Facebook page, entered email address and submitted. All entered, thanks Anker for another chance opportunity to win one of your amazing products. Fingers crossed as I really want a dash cam instead of having to use my GoPro


Nice?? If it was up to me I’d attach one to my cat and see where tf he be going but I guess it could also be used to see who keys your car or runs over a grannie. Although if you made submersible cams to attatch to a boat, or surfboard the usefulness would increase because it could be used for a broader spectrum of uses, including research.


Nice one @AnkerOfficial :blush:
These really do look amazing. We went to Liverpool on the weekend for the football and saw a couple of close shaves.

Plus I discovered a scratch on the drivers side door after the match. Turns out the wife did it so I could use it to keep an eye on her too :joy:


Good luck to those entering :thumbsup: , enjoyed playing with the C1 before gifting so no doubt the C2 will be great addition or upgrade for the winners…


Oh I’d love to win ! I’m seriously considering installing a dashcam in my car.

The only thing I don’t know is how to hide the cable all the way to the charging port.

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Reposted as a reply

People usually tuck it in the rubber around the window and then maybe go underneath the steering column to the charger. Others just have the cable going around the window and then across the dashboard from the window to the charger. Maybe use some adhesive cable clips or something. Or even black tape. Good luck

There’s several good videos on YouTube showing how to install the C1 (the C2 cable install won’t be much different) on several types of vehicle (including the official Roav video). Just a case of running the cable behind your interior plastic trim and door seal.


Awe heck yes! I’ve been eyeing one of these for the past while. :smiley:

Sounds perfect, thanks for the tips dear Community.
Let’s hope I either win a contest or a Power Draw then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for sharing @AnkerOfficial :+1:

Is this open to those of us in the UK? I’m now thinking I could do with a cam looking ot the boot windows now too! :smiley: (C2 in front, C1 for the rear view! )


How come you make a great product with adaptations such as Extreme Temperature Resistance and not make it available in Canada? -4F - also known as -20C - is basically our February here! Please share some love with we the north! :slight_smile:

I’ve entered the giveaway anyway. Hope you ship it to Canada once I win it! :grin:


…no im not


…no i wont…

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I feel that pain man. I feel it.
‘‘‘Tis but a small glimmer of hope.

seems good…

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Good luck everybody

Great contest. I was planning on buy a few of these to put in all of our cars. Good luck everyone.

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Awesome giveaway. Currently using the C1 and would absolutely love the chance at the better version. Good luck everyone.