Exclusive Giveaway for KARAPAX Launch

KARAPAX by Anker has launched and we are here to protect you and your phone like never before!

It’s important for a phone case to offer great protection, but we forget that we’re on our phones from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Who wants a highly protective case which slips out of your hand easily, or feels uncomfortable? No one. That’s why we decided KARAPAX would be different—our cases are designed to combine exceptional protection with superior comfort so you can enjoy using your phone every single day.

KARAPAX has also created an incredible tempered glass screen protector to ensure your phone is protected on all sides.


Touch—an ultra-slim case with smooth matte-finish to enhance your phone’s appearance.

Shield—Carbon fiber texture offers both exceptional grip and excellent protection.

Ice—Clear TPU body and colored bumpers show off your iPhone in all it’s glory.

Breeze—Certified military-grade protection with unique 3D texture for powerful grip.

Shield+—Dual layer design for shock-absorbing, heavy-duty defense.

Rise —360° rotating kickstand allows you to enjoy videos anywhere.

GlassGuard—Our tempered glass screen protector with DoubleDefence Technology.

Purchase a new KARAPAX case by clicking on your country: US, UK, CA, DE

To celebrate the launch of KARAPAX, we’ve got an exclusive giveaway for our Community members. We’re asking you think of a slogan for KARAPAX !

If your slogan perfectly represents KARAPAX, you could be one of the 50 lucky winners who will receive a Protection Package containing one case and one screen protector.

All you have to do is submit your entry in the comments below. Remember to share your entry on Facebook or Twitter because we’ll also look at what your followers think when we pick the winners.

We look forward to seeing your slogans!

Contest rules:

  1. We will pick 50 winners to receive a KARAPAX Protection Package (contains 1 case and 1 screen protector for iPhone). Just leave your idea for the KARAPAX slogan in the comments and share your post on Facebook or Twitter. The winners will be selected based on the creativity and suitability of the slogans submitted.

  2. Country: US only

  3. Prizes are limited to one per person.

  4. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues.

  5. Event runs from September 13th 00:00 PDT to September 20th 23:59 PDT

  6. Prize will be shipped before October 15th 2017. When the event has ended we will email the winners.

  7. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


@AnkerOfficial “Karapax, Advanced protection for an advanced phone”
“Karapax, Protection for not only work and play, but everything in between”
“Karapax, Cases for different people”

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“Karapax, protection for your phone. Protection from your life.”

Is a good simple one that’s easy to remember. Though it could also be thought like this:
“Karapax, protection for your phone. Protection for your life.”

Either way it’s a simple motto, one that is easy to think of and understand because not only is it a case for your phone, but it protects your life (the information on the phone) or protection from your life (if you have some rough children or something).


“karapax” - keep it max

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Karapax - maximum protection for the ultimate phone.

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KARAPAX - simply the best for the best!

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When life hands you lemons, KARAPAX.

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Karapax a revolution in design that reverberates with your lifestyle.

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“Because your life is on your phone. Karapax is your phones life insurance”

“Sometimes the biggest danger to your phone is you. Karapax” (image of someone dropping their phone)

“Non-invasive protection for your phone. Karapax”

“Your phone is an investment, protect it. Karapax”

Karapax Never stand still. Never stop improving

KARAPAX- show you really KARE about phone protection

Leave your phone’s protection to us.

Karapax , Advanced Protection for Life

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Karapax - Protection to the max

“You can relax when your phone is protected by Karapax.”


KARAPAX The Galaxy awaits you, fear the dark side

Sorry I don’t own an Iphone Aaaand I am not in the US
Good luck everyone :sunglasses:

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Karapax, cases to protect from bumps to drops and everything in between. Total protection from life’s casualties.

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Protection you can feel.

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Karapax, advanced cases to protect against an advanced world

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