Excessive Reductions

Just wondered what your thoughts were on the reductions from RRP Anker put on their products.

This has popped up on the Power User page. I’m not going for it as I recently had the PowerCore II 10000

[The PowerCore II 6700] (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07211V9XG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fcucAbZ5BCJZV) as far as I can see is new to the UK. The only reviews are from Amazon.com and it doesn’t have Power IQ 2.0. Seems like a backwards step. I guess there are customers out there who will love this for its size etc and that’s great.

But the prices. £79.99 reduced to £18.99
The 10000 is £79.99 reduced to £25.99
The 10000 Slim £79.99 reduced to £27.99

Personally, I think they should just have the price they are shown on the page unless there is a current deal on like 20% off or something. These prices are not believable.


I find it amusing more than annoying. The items are for sale for a period at a price so high none familiar with commodity prices would pay, and it is trying to pamper to the less aware could remotely think this is a bargain.

This is just the “one born every minute” showing. “Ooh its now only 19 quid down from 80 I’ll buy it now” would be a rare gullible. I suspect other peer vendors started this nonsense and it must have worked before.

They rely heavily on discounted percentages, Like stuff on my Amazon lists, would note “Price dropped 8% since added” or something like that, But they never put how much it increased if it did.

Also Harbor Freight uses similar advertising when they compare their tool prices to brand named ones which aren’t even close.

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Haha yeah Anker has always done that on Amazon.

The thing for me is: Is it believable?

If I saw that, not knowing the brand is think it’s dodgy. Better off having £30 down to £18
Plus, I thought you could only show a product on sale if it had been at that price for at least 28 days before the reduction. Somwould have had to be on amazon for £79.99 for a month. I haven’t seen that.

Anyway. We all love Anker, just think it’s odd

Deceptive pricing has always been an issue not just for Anker, I have seen numerous companies do this on Amazon and most of them do so to get a baseline of where consumers would shop or buy verses going to a competitor

Haha, thanks for letting me know your concerns. It is actually our main marketing strategy for the new products. We will set up a higher price to ensure the inventory of new products, so customers may not buy it because of the high price. :joy:


Fair enough @AnkerOfficial If that’s the way you got to do it lol
Maybe, you can give the community some discount codes for these newer high priced items as soon as they are on sale so we can buy them sooner but at the more realistic price :grin:


I’m down for some discount codes

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