Excellent Customer Service!

I have owned the c30 Robovac for nearly 6 months and have found it an amazing machine. It cleans well, finds its way out of trouble and returns home without attention. And the wifi scheduling for when I want it to clean is over the top convenient.
On Monday this week of a sudden it was unresponsive. Support walked me through the reset process and I was hopeful, but no luck. I was expecting ‘so sorry’ but instead I was instructed to pack it up and they would send me a postage pre-paid label to mail the unit back, and they would send out a new unit at the same time. Well by Friday afternoon I had a new Robovac c30 set up and on cleaning duty! I’m not a person to comment on a business, but I had to let you know how impressed I am with this prompt and professional service. I will have to recommend the Eufy Co. for top notch customer service. Bravo. ! John, Watkins Glen, NY


Anker customer service truly is amazing! I’m glad you like your Robovac! I hope this encourages you to buy more anker products :wink:

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Sounds like another happy customer :thumbsup:

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Thanks for sharing your story, @abiesalba1! Glad to hear things worked out!

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Glad to know we got pretty good support team, thanks for sharing @abiesalba1

I got a question seniors, how come he has 0 posts? he posted once above at least?

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Sherlock Holmes :joy:

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don’t think threads count as posts

Awesome to hear from another happy customer!

Really ? :thinking:

Yea I think I’ve seen it before so just guessing lol

Thanks for sharing story. I’ve always have good luck with Anker support and their different product lines.

Thank you for your heartwarming post. Our support team members will be so happy to know this!:kissing_heart:

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