Everything Unveiled at IFA 2018 | PowerCore+ 19000 PD and More!

IFA 2018 is finally here, and Anker has announced some exciting new products, as well as provided corresponding estimated launch times and prices… Take a look!

Soundcore Flare S+ ($130, Holiday Season)

Smart speaker with Alexa built-in.

eufy RoboVac 30c ($300, September/October)

RoboVac 30 with smart connectivity. RoboVac 30S (with a capacitive power button) is also coming this winter.

Anker PowerHouse Mini ($300, September/October)

Initially introduced at CES as PowerHouse 200.

Soundcore Journey U ($130, October)

Initially introduced at CES as Life NC; Soundcore’s second product with noise cancelling.

Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD ($110, October)

30W PD port + 18W PowerIQ 2.0 port + 12W PowerIQ 1.0 port. Still waiting on PowerCore+ II introduced at IFA last year…

Also anticipating an upgraded PowerCore Fusion, a 26800 portable charger with 2 USB-C ports and 3 USB-A ports, along with several other charging products introduced back in January at CES to be released soon.

What are your thoughts on these products and their prices? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!


The speaker, powerhouse and Journey U are certainly on my radar… when and if they hit the UK :grin:


I like the look and style of all the new offerings. The power indicator on the 19k PD looks great hopefully that’s the new style for all of their power Banks. Is 130$ correct for the journey U? They must sound great.


Love the Powerhouse Mini, price is just right :slight_smile:


I agree, the power indicator looks super sleek! I really hope we see a similar version with 10k mAh! Also some lithium ion versions! Sometimes I don’t want a super slim and long portable charger.[quote=“Jesse_Hernandez1, post:4, topic:62210”]
Is 130$ correct for the journey U?
Yeah, by far Soundcore’s most premium earbuds.

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That powerbank looks great, also looks like they went with lipo batteries given its size which is a good choice imo. I really want to try the journey U, and at that price it would have to be a either win it or pray for a poweruser item…my wife would kill me if I brought another pair of headphones.

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I hope they aren’t completely done with li-ion though because sometimes I prefer them. At least give us the choice! Also dying for a smaller version around 10k mAh!

Same! :heart_eyes:

Ok, after taking a closer look at the picture of PowerCore+ 19000, does it look to you guys that it says 12W and 18W? Because it sure does to be. And that would make much more since… I wonder if it was just a communication error with the media outlets (?)

Yes, power IQ 2.0 is 18W and regular is 12W

Ok, I changed it.

If that’s accurate, then it’s pretty close to PowerCore+ II 20000 from last year’s IFA. Main difference is 30W PD port instead of 45W, so it won’t be as ideal for laptops.

Me three​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Flare S+ and Powerhouse Mini is what I’m eyeballing.


Definitely interesting in seeing more about the PowerHouse Mini. Looks like just what I need for camping trips!

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Love it! Alexa speaker looks really good and that vac is sexy. Doubt the power house will be released in UK though.

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I have to agree, these look great and I’m planning my next camping trip.

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After further research, I have decided to change the estimated release timeframes for both RoboVac 30c and PowerHouse Mini to September/October. It boggles my mind that there are so many articles with conflicting information.

Hi Anker,

Can this product act as a usb hub for iphone/ipad with lightning connector in this scenario (to connect to external devices like USB microphone (e.g. blue yeti), Audio DAC (e.g. Grace SDAC, Dragonfly Red, etc.), USB Disk Drive?

  • With Apple CCK2/3 and Type C to Type A USB Cable
  • With Apple/Anker Lightning to type C

Kind regards,


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