Evercam Kickstarter- Shipping Question

I decided to kickstart/ back the Eufy Evercam, and there was an update stating that shipping notifications should be happening before the end of September. I have yet to receive one and I am curious whether or not anyone else has. Anxiously awaiting so that I can install and get running prior to an upcoming vacation. I know there are delays due to Golden Week, but that was early October, and expected emails should have happened by end of September.

Any updates would be great/much appreciated.

Your best bet Is to ask and post there on the kickstarter page because it’s a different group of people running things there. At the very least send support a message via support@eufylife.com


Seconded. Always the best way to go with these kinds of things.

@eufy what happened to the Kickstarter competition a while back?

just so you know there is no @eufy person, but @quinn_armstrong had won the Whats the Final Total competition.


It wasn’t the final total comp

If I remember it was to do with a product yet to go to Kickstarter… And we had to guess what it was n what it did

Something like that.

You’re thinking Roav😉

Ah, ok… But what happened to that?

Least I wasn’t going truly mad, for once‽ lol

It was postponed