Ever wanted money back on your anker purchases

Currently honey is doing 1-10% back on all anker purchases and sometimes people post discount codes on there to!

also use the link to get 5$ of your next purchase with honey its a win win!

P.s I am a legit member for all of those people who think I am not just check my profile :+1: I am also helping anker as purchases Must be made through the anker website!

P.s i know there has been posts on this before but not on the cash back as far as i know!


Looks interesting, Thanks for this info. May be will use this for future purchase. I usually buy Anker products on Amazon or Bestbuy. Will explore if this match works.


Should work :relieved:


Spam alert


Just an active user :joy:

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Looks like ebates


I think @Alex_Honnor is legit active member here. He’s probably trying to hook people up

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It is And coupon codes

I don’t suppose Alex gets a commission for using this link?

I don’t feel Anker forum is the place for advertising money back sites, where do we stop? … Money off a new set of tyres? , Get free samples? , Credit cards?

I’m so sorry people have done the same

Just look it up on the community

I think this is a legit post. Not spam nor advertising a site. I sure do love saving some cash when possible! BTW I use the honey extension on Chrome!

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Yes @Alex_Honnor is a legit member. :grinning:
@Alex_Honnor, would you please update your post to clarify that:

  • Purchases need to be made at Anker.com
  • You may receive a commission when others use your link

Thank you!


Will do :joy::joy::joy:

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Guys Who Checked Does That it Works? I have Seen Much Coupon Websites But No Working Coupon Codes. :frowning:

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Btw it does work I haves used it my self :slight_smile:

The honey site is a legit site. I think he needs to say a win win win. Honey will give us discount n 5, we get Anker cheaper n he will get likely get something for the referrals. The link looks to be his link to for his referrals to the site. If I remember I may try to use it. More power to a man who is trying to earn a few extra bucks.

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Nothing wrong with trying to save a few extra bucks

Always helps to save some :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

There are similar dealsites / apps which do the same, example: TopCashBack which gives back 10 to 20% cashbacks on most sites, Wikibuy which gives best price and searches coupons across web…