Events auto-deleted the following morning - aaaaargh!

This has happened too often now.

During the night (ie when I need the cam the most) I get alert notifications, but on opening the Events tab on my iPhone there are no events to show. It’s driving me crazy. Last night I had some youths buzz my driveway at 11pm. Recorded perfectly. But I wake up this morning to several eufy Security alerts - but absolutely nothing has been recorded, which is worrying.

I have restarted the HomeBase 2 and the two cameras, reformatted, been through every setting but can’t find a solution. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

Have you tried to manually view the videos instead of through the notifications?

Firstly, thanks for trying to help Rob.

And yes, that’s the way I usually check. If there’s an event when I’m asleep it’s the only option available, but on checking, all I get is the “no events this day” message.

Makes me wonder if there’s a setting to delete any vids from the previous day… and I’ve accidentally enabled it!

Not sure if it helps, but it looks like eufy home is storing something (see screenshot).

Something certainly sounds out of whack, perhaps corruption on the internal storage? As this has happened more than once you might be best reaching out to with the issue and any troubleshooting steps you have taken (such as the formatting etc) so they can assist under your warranty.

Thanks for that.
I’ll do just that - thought I’d check here first, as I’d assumed it was user error (most of the rime it usually is!)
I may report back here when it’s sorted, in case anyone else has this problem.


No worries, hope you get things sorted :+1: