[Event Ended] A Big Thank You to Our Fans | Huge Giveaway

Hey Soundcore Fans,

The holiday season is getting closer and closer, so we want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all our fans. We’re so grateful for your support this year and it’s been fun interacting with you here on the community!

Today, we’re launching our Soundcore Says Thanks Giveaway where we’re giving away up to 500 speakers and headphones.

“Why ‘up to’?” I hear you ask…

Presently, there are 50 Soundcore Flare speakers up for grabs and the rest… well, they’re waiting patiently to be unlocked.

For every person who enters the giveaway, 1 point will be added to the total. When the total number of points increases by 5000, we’ll unlock the next prize. So prizes will be unlocked when the total hits 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000, and so on.

If you want to add even more points after you sign up to the giveaway, you can share the giveaway on your social media, which will add 1 extra point to the total. You can share an unlimited amount of time, so let’s work together as a team to unlock all the prizes!

Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting Soundcore, and GOOD LUCK!


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Cool giveaway, entered and shared on both Facebook and Twitter


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Good luck.
No "fuselbook":joy: no twitter​:laughing:, but made an entry.

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The giveaways are coming thick & fast and it isn’t even Christmas yet :grin: :wink:

Shared to Twitter.


Nice giveaway


Just entered!

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entered and shared

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Very. Entered and shared to twitter & FB.

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Entered and shared! :heart_eyes:

Whoa, there are a couple of things on there that I haven’t seen yet! I can’t find anything about the Life 2 headphones (Liberty Air I found on Best Buy’s site).

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@Mark_Dunsmore check it out Here


Reminds me of the birthday video

Missed that last week. I’m a little less excited after seeing BT 4.1 and micro USB.

Done, done, and done.
Entered, and shared on both Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s get those numbers up.
I need some Liberty’s. :wink:

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Alright… Done and shared. Hopefully we can get the numbers all the way up to Liberty NC… :sunglasses:

Thank you @AnkerOfficial for all these giveaways… Its nice to see a company that cares about its product owners and community members…

Entered and shared. :slight_smile: Thanks for another great giveaway.

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Done and thank you :grinning:

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