Euvy now selling at

Bauhaus is a DIY store here in Germany.
In a brochure advertising for Google smart home I saw: is cheaper (465 Euro). :wink:

The bulbs advertised there are Phillips, the doorbells from ring


Very interesting… why is it in a DIY store?

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DIY stores (contruction markets) here in Germany sell quite everything.
Huge warehouses!

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Is it similar to a Menards/Lowes/Home Depot kind of a place?

I dont know this store. (USA)
But a look at their site, it seems so.

This is bauhaus Germany

Here their Eufy offers

Offering Robovac R450 and R500, What are these?

Good news for germans!


Euvy now selling at

Thats not 100% correct. Correct would be: Eufy selling (also) at BAUHAUS, without now :wink:

Because eufy is selling (in Germany) at BAUHAUS, MEDIA MARKT and SATURN half a year already. See original post from 31.01.2019 or 01/31/2019:

So nice info for all (germans) who didn’t knew that yet :grin:
But i guess its cheaper at black friday or special promotions by anker or amazon, but hey … i support if you support the local stores! … Amazon is rich enough. So better spend some more euros and buy it at your local Bauhaus or Media Markt :thumbsup:

Jawoll! :joy:

For diversity reasons here are the current prices at the Media Markt online store in Germany:

PLEASE NOTE that this is the “original” (better) version of the eufy cam you see and can buy there.
This version got A.I. included (facial recognotion) and better IP rating than the eufy cam E , which you mostly get at amazon or current eufy/anker promos.

PLEASE NOTE TOO, that A.I. support only depends on the HOMEBASE(!) So if you would buy an “original” starter kit as seen above at MediaMarkt, you could later on also buy some eufy cam E (addon camera) and use it! (… and it will also have A.I. as the homebase supports it)