EufySecurity on Samsung S9 had volume level issues with the Eufycam speaker

I posted this in the hope it may help others that have a similar issue with their Samsung S9 phone. When using the EufySecurity on Samsung S9 and speaking in a normal tone into the microphone, there was no sound coming from the EufyCam speaker. I can get the speaker to make a little sound if I position my mouth about 1 inch from the phone’s microphone and talk loudly. I read post #55 by RalphGuest who was also having a similar issue with his Samsung Galaxy Note S10+. I tested my wife’s iPhone SE and it work just fine when talking in a normal tone at a normal distance to the microphone.
I emailed a support issue to and after a few communications the support ticket was escalated to the Eufy Customer Support Manager who wrote: “We are glad to tell you that our engineers have successfully found the cause of the problem and updated the EufySecurity app to solve this problem.”
After downloading and installing the updated EufySecurity app the problem was fixed. My head is still spinning from how fast this all happened. Support like this is very rare. I noticed from my research that they have been busy providing a stream of updates and features in record time since the initial Kickstarter. I just hope they don’t burn out. Keep up the awesome work Eufy. Thank you for your help.

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Great you got that fixed so quick and easy!