Eufycams false triggers

Hello All,

This is my first weekend with the cameras fully installed! :slight_smile:

My side door camera kept on false triggering (both motion to record & notification for person) ‘person alert’ & standard alert, it was quite windy.

Is this something any of you have experienced?


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You just need to adjust the motion trigger sensitivity until it fits your needs, if you get too many false records.

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thanks yamyam!

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You are welcome! … Found the corresponding menu and did it work?

I have noticed when it is windy my gazebo curtains trigger motion sensor of my backyard camera. I often adjust the sensitivity to lowest possible so I won’t get as many events but it still records if there is a real motion occur.
Hope this will help you!

Yep, thats what i have done.

thanks @Ice1

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@PJ77 glad it worked.

@ndalby @AnkerOfficial now, how do we mark it as Solved?

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If you expand the post which has the solution using the three dots, there should be a checkbox to mark as a solution…not certain if this is available for non mods or admins…

Care to test @Ice1 on your follow up post?

I see it already marked now. Did you mark it @PJ77 as solved? just wondering how this works :thinking:

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I marked it as solved before my response…if you select the show more option on a post (the three dots) are you shown a checkbox option?



It doesn’t show me that checkbox. I guess only the thread owner or a mod will have that option, which I think reasonable in some cases but not all.

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Hi, I also noticed that my Eufycameras were being visited by spiders! They started to set off mine by weaving webs and crawling over the cameras. Theres many sprays on the market that create an area around the cameras to stop spiders getting near

I usually set my detection zones to the areas where people walk, that prevents false detection on mine.

Hello!@pj77 Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the camera triggering for false recording. At the current stage, the camera will be triggered by all moving objects with temperature. The wind or moving air may result in the slight change of temperature so that the camera might be falsely triggered for recording by potential rising ‘heat’. We’ll try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team for an expectation of further improvement of the camera triggering mechanism by following firmware upgrade in the future. Sincerely thank you for your patience and valuable time!

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