EufyCamera Records but Does not send "Detected Motion" notification

When camera is set with the following:

  • Notifications Settings to “All Events”
  • Camera Mode is “Home” with “Record Video” and “Push Notification” set
    => No notifications are received but video does record

Step to repoduce:

  1. Edit setting for the particular camera and select “All Events” are selected in the Camera Settings > Notification Settings section
  2. Goto Mode and select "Home"
  3. Edit setting to “Record Video” and "Push Notification"
  4. Save
  5. Trigger motion by walking front etc
  6. Results: video recorded but no “Motion Detected” push notification
  7. Repeat above step except clear/unset "Record Video"
  8. Results: video recorded this time push “Motion Detected” notification is received

I would expect that a push notification is send regardless if camera is to record or not.

It seems isolated for your HomBase unit or with the firmware. Hope you have the latest FW. Then contact

I had to try uncheck “Record Video” and Check “Push Notification”. It may not record video but send a notification. Never thought about it, but why do I need it?


I had the same thing

I am having this problem but when I unset record video no video is recorded; I do get notification. What are correct settings for push notifications AND record video? Home base system version subsystem

For anyone that finds this later, following suggestions in another thread, removing all devices from my home base and adding them back resolved my issue.


Thank you for sharing the solution that worked for you.

This issue should have been fixed with app V1.2.1.

Send an email to if you’re still having issues.

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True, My issue got resolved with new IOS app V1.2.1